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LeanVeyor à Ultrasons Immersion Cleaning Systems
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Parts Washers: Tank Systems

Blackstone~NEY Ultrasonics manufactures a standard line of industrial parts cleaning equipment as well as custom engineered ultrasonic cleaning systems for use in a broad range of applications. Applications include cleaning equipment and parts of nearly any description to degrease and remove oil, buffing compound, vibratory finishing media, chips, and other soluble and non-soluble contaminants utilizing aqueous and solvent-based chemistries. The smallest ultrasonic cleaner utilizes a single ultrasonically activated tank for use in limited production or very low throughput applications. A complete, ultrasonic cleaning system designed for high production use often consists of an ultrasonic cleaning station, one or more ultrasonic rinse stations and a dryer all within a single console. Automated operation and parts handling reduce labor requirements and assure process consistency. No part washer job is too small or too large not to be of interest to our dynamic and creative engineering staff.