Introducing the Ransobotic Washer

Parts Cleaning Equipment

Parts Cleaning Equipment
The Ransohoff division of CTG is the leading manufacturer of aqueous parts cleaning equipment, including spray, immersion, ultrasonic, in standard and custom designs, offering recyclable aqueous chemistries and waste minimization solutions.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
The Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics division of CTG is the leader in the fields of both industrial and precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment. We design and manufacture efficient, environmentally sound solutions for tough part washing applications.


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Technology Center

Cleaning Technologies Group is the industry leader in parts cleaning equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment for a vast number of applications. We have been providing industrial parts washers and custom ultrasonic cleaning solutions to industrial and precision parts manufacturers for over 90 years. We've had experience with nearly every kind of parts cleaning application and can provide our customers with the latest cleaning technology available.

CTG provides parts cleaning equipment of various designs, including benchtop cleaning systems, ultrasonic cleaning components and vapor degreasers as both pre-engineered platform products and custom designed systems. Our team's vast application experience ranges from in-process cleaning for the automotive industry to final cleaning of precision parts for the most critical medical implant manufacturers.

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