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Aquarius™ Tank Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic cleaning is one step in a complete cleaning process. Combining ultrasonic cleaning with rinsing, drying and other processing steps in a unitized cleaning console helps assure process integrity. The addition of an automated, robotic transfer system provides process consistency and significantly reduces the labor required for parts cleaning.

Lean Aquarius™ Series Multi-tank Cleaning Systems are pre-engineered to meet a wide range of parts cleaning needs at an attractive price.

Cleaning Sequence: Wash & Dry (Wash, Rinse, Etch, Passivation, and Dry Stages Available)
Process Type: Continuous / Batch
Part Orientation: Standard or Custom Processing Baskets
Production: Low to High Volume
Max Work Envelope: Up to 36" Wide x 36" Deep x 36" High
Method of Loading / Unloading: Manual or Automatic
Footprint: Varies Depending on the Number of Stages
Cleaning Mechanisms: Immersion / Ultrasonics / Spray / Turbulation / Rotation / Agitation
Drying Mechanisms: High Volume, Heated Air with HEPA Filtration
Controls: Programmable Controller & HMI Touch screen
Typical Applications:
  • Electronics
  • Optical
  • Semiconductor
  • Medical Implants
  • Aerospace Components
  • Hard Disk Drive Components
  • Final Cleaning