Green Cleaning: Saving Money & the Environment

This past month, Lyle Carman, Director of Environmental Systems at Ransohoff, co-wrote a case study on Ford Motor Co.’s Sharonville, OH plant and their use of green cleaning for Process Cleaning magazine. This is the second time a CTG employee and the company have been featured in Process Cleaning in just one month! An excerpt from the article is posted below:

“Ford Motor Co.’s Sharonville, Ohio, plant has long been a proponent of environmentally conscious manufacturing practices. A supplier of automotive transmissions and transmission parts, the plant has invested in a sophisticated parts cleaning system that effectively recycles the cleaning solution.

A top priority at the plant is production of quality parts, which equates to no transmission failures for the end-consumer. To reach this goal, parts must be shipped with little oil and metal particulate, and proper rust inhibitor, all measured in less than 1 mg per part. Cleaning the parts in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly process has been a continuous mission for the company…”

To finish reading about how Ford Motor Co.’s new system has saved over half a million dollars while positively affecting employees and the environment, Click Here and visit our online technology library.

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