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CleanVeyor Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Blackstone-NEY CleanVeyor Ultrasonic parts washer utilizes a combination of spray, immersion, and ultrasonic cleaning technologies and has proven successful in achieving Six Sigma consistency in a number of applications requiring high production outputs and tight cleanliness levels. Parts with complex and internal geometries that need final cleaning prior to assembly are ideal candidates. This cleaning process has proven to significantly reduce or eliminate warranty related failures that would be attributed to inadequate part cleaning. The Cleanveyor is modular so that more stages can be added as needed.

The first process in this powerful combination is a spray wash using a rotating brush module to quickly remove gross levels of contamination from parts. Higher pressures can be used to remove greater amounts of debris; however, the limitation of spray technology is that "line of sight" is required to be fully effective.

After scouring the external surfaces of the parts, the second process uses ultrasonic technology and is done in an immersion environment. The mechanical cleaning component of ultrasonics is the cavitation effect. Among nature's most dramatic amplifiers of energy density, cavitation generates extreme local temperatures and pressures. The Cleanveyor can reduce chemical usage as much as five times.

We have been successful in meeting stringent cleanliness specifications down to 50 microns. This technology is well suited for precision cleaning in all industries.

Cleaning Sequence: Wash & Dry (Optional Rinse Stages Available)
Process Type: Continuous
Part Orientation: Fixtured on Dual Strands of Roller Chain
Production: High Volume
Max Work Envelope: Up to 24" Wide x 3" High
Method of Loading / Unloading: Manual or Automatic