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Lean Jet RT-12 / RT-18

The patented Lean-Jet™ RT is one of a series of "Right Sized" and "Right Priced" cabinet type parts washers specifically designed for use within lean or cellular manufacturing processes. The patented rotary-pocketed wheel design eliminates work passage openings, preventing cross contamination between stages in addition to providing a unique inner stage part rotation feature that ensures optimal cleaning and drying results.

This cabinet washer is available with various wheel configurations providing both, wash and dry or wash, rinse and dry capabilities. A wide range of part sizes, weights and configurations can be accommodated. Unsurpassed cleaning and drying performance is accomplished utilizing strategically positioned high impact sprays and an efficient high pressure-high velocity heated air blow-off system. Because of its reduced footprint and high flexibility, this spray washer can be easily integrated into small footprints work cells.

Cleaning Sequence: Wash & Dry (Rinse Stage Available)
Process Type: Continuous
Production: Up to 120 Parts Per Hour
Part Orientation: Directly on Rotary Table or in Custom Fixture
Max Work Envelope: 12” Diameter x 12” High / 18” Diameter x 18” High
Method of Loading / Unloading: Manual or Automatic via Robot
Footprint: 8” Deep x 6’ Wide x 6’-9” High
Cleaning Mechanisms: Spray
Drying Mechanisms: High Velocity Heater Air
Controls: Programmable Controller and HMI Screen
Typical Applications:
  • Turbo Charger Components
  • Gasoline Engine Components
  • Transmission Components