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Technical Service

Cleaning Technologies Group's Technical Service Department is dedicated to providing the highest level of service available and offers our customers a full spectrum of comprehensive services in connection with our machines.

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • MPR (Machine Performance Review)
  • Maintenance and Repair service
  • Modification and Re-tooling
  • Training Courses

Technical Service Contact
Joe Servizzi: (513) 870-1772 (Ransohoff)
(716) 665-2340 ext. 254 (Blackstone-NEY)

7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Mon - Fri EST

Replacement Parts

In need of parts for your Ransohoff or Blackstone-NEY parts washer? If you would like us to provide you with a parts quote please submit as much of the following project information as possible and we will get started right away.

Replacement Parts Contact
Lisa Finley: (513) 870-1710 (Ransohoff)
Jim Prall: (513) 870-1773 (Ransohoff)
Pam Kamp: (513) 870-1774 (Ransohoff)
Matt Voty: (716) 665-2340 ext. 208 (Blackstone-NEY)

7:30 AM to 5:00 PM Mon - Fri EST

Parts Washers

Ultrasonic Systems

Aquarius Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics is the leader in the fields of industrial and precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment. We design and manufacture efficient, environmentally sound solutions for tough part washer applications.

It seems that each advance in technology demands greater and greater attention to cleanliness for its success. As a result, the cleaning industry has been challenged to deliver the needed cleanliness and has done so through rapid innovation over the past several years. Many of these advances have involved the use of ultrasonic cleaning technologies utilizing multiple frequency ultrasonic generators and advanced waveform ultrasonic generators. These cutting edge ultrasonic cleaning technologies can remove sub-micron particles from medical implants and silicon wafers alike.

The cleaning industry is currently in a struggle to replace solvent degreasing with alternative "environmentally friendly" means of parts washing. Although substitute water-based, aqueous degreasers, citrus degreasers and petroleum based chemistries are available, they are often somewhat less effective as cleaners than the solvents and may not perform adequately in some applications unless a mechanical energy boost is added to assure the required levels of cleanliness. Ultrasonic energy is now used extensively in critical cleaning applications to both speed up and enhance the cleaning effect of the alternative chemistries.

Immersion Systems

LeanJet RB-2 Gen 3
The LeanJet RB-2 Gen 3
The New Lean-Jet RB-2 Automated
The New Lean-Jet RB-2 Automated

Ransohoff and Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics are pioneers in developing immersion cleaning systems. The Ransohoff patented rotary basket cell washers utilize a combination of spray, rotation, immersion, and ultrasonic technologies. This immersion cleaning process is superior to other cleaning systems because only filtered wash and rinse solution enters the cleaning chamber. Cross contamination or "carryover" of expensive wash solutions is minimized by our unique divert drain system which handles inter-stage solution management. This feature is combined with quick release drain actuators that rapidly discharge contaminant-laden solution to the tanks and away from your clean parts.

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics hosts a line of single and multi tank parts washers which utilize a combination of immersion and ultrasonic cleaning technologies. These immersion cleaning systems are used in applications ranging from in-process cleaning of remanufactured aviation components to final cleaning and passivation of medical implants.

Solvent Systems

RB Solvent Series Solvent Cleaning System
RB Solvent Series

RB Solvent Series metal-cleaning machines guarantee near-zero atmospheric emissions. Air re-circulation drying systems and advanced vacuum technology eliminate the need for exhaust smokestacks.

Both in small units with a working chamber of only 450 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm height or in very large scale units with many tonnes of solvent incorporated in the process, the results are the same: consistent levels of surface cleanliness with the absolute guarantee of long term compliance with emissions directives.

The advantages of solvent degreasing:

  • Low surface tension (typically 25-30 dynes/cm compared with 72 for water) meaning that liquid can enter (and exit) complex geometric parts features such as fine threads and blind holes thereby flushing out contamination.
  • Solvents can generally accommodate a wide range of contaminants whereas aqueous detergents are usually "soil specific" and a variety of chemicals may be required to be effective in many manufacturing processes.
  • The separate distillation within an hermetically sealed solvent system ensures that both clean solvent and pure vapour are available for each cycle, therefore maintaining consistent results.
  • The volatility of organic solvents ensures that drying of parts is both rapid and thorough. Just compare the latent heat of evaporation of water at 2280 kj/kg with organic solvents' one at approximately 200-300 kj/kg.
  • Applying vacuum to the treatment chamber and therefore reducing the boiling point, residual parts heat will ensure instant vaporization allowing up to 10 cleaning cycles per hour.
  • Hermetically sealed solvent cleaning technology ensures that all contamination is isolated in the distillation unit, no longer we are disposing of large quantities of "dirty solvent". Furthermore, special solvent transfer systems are available today from solvent suppliers, for the safe delivery and closed circuit transfer of both new solvent and waste residues.

Spray Washers

LeanJet Cell-Jet Spray Washer System
LeanJet Cell-Jet

CTG offers a wide variety of spray washers ranging from standard, off the shelf conveyor washers to fully customized parts washer systems modified to tackle your most challenging application.

Spray technology is most effective when the application allows for "line of sight" cleaning of all critical surfaces. Direct impingement is very effective in removing gross levels of contaminant. Washers using high pressure, in excess of 3,500 PSI, can effectively deburr machined aluminum parts and pressures in the realm of 10,000 PSI can effectively deburr machined cast iron parts.

Complicated parts with internal cavities and cross drilled holes are more difficult to clean and typically require dedicated spray nozzles. Pressure and, therefore, impingement, is drastically reduced when the solution is expected to turn corners and fill large internal cavities. In applications such as these, immersion and ultrasonic cleaning technologies will definitely outperform a washer using spray technology alone.

Specialty Products

Fluid Recycling

Pro-Sep Ultra
Pro-Sep Ultra

Allow CTG to analyze your waste stream and give our recommendation on how you can be "green" and save money doing it. Why dump your parts washer bath once a week when you can dump it once every three months. Don't let your cleaning chemistries and cutting fluids go down the drain when you can recycle and reuse them. Let us show you how to recycle and reuse with one of our oil separation or ultrafiltration systems.

Equipment Rebuild

Equipment Rebuilding: Before
Equipment Rebuilding: After

Reconditioning or design modifications can be an important cost-savings measure in planning and preparing for new or changing production requirements. Our Aftermarket application engineers can help you evaluate cost and feasibility of rebuilding your existing parts washers. Our technicians can do the work on your floor or at our Cincinnati, OH facility.


Ransohoff's Aftermarket services at a glance:

  • Onsite technical support services for troubleshooting and machine evaluations
  • Re-tooling due to part changes, production changes, or process improvement
  • Ultrasonics system service, rebuild or retrofit
  • Periodic machine maintenance and overhaul
  • Major rehabilitation of older wash systems
  • Rusted or corroded tank and drum rebuild or replacement
  • Electrical, piping and mechanical repairs
  • Can provide updated mechanical and electrical drawings reflecting machine revisions
  • Stock many components and can ship them to you in a moments notice
  • Bolt-on or integrated oil removal, chemical proportioning, filtration and water treatment solutions

Application Engineering

Application Specific Products

CTG hosts a product line of specialty equipment outside of parts washers ranging from high pressure deburr machines for your most challenging automotive application to pickling and passivation systems for final preparation of medical implants. CTG has a patented design for ultrasonic soldering equipment as well as the patented Quadrant Coater coating system for small parts and fasteners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you willing to test my parts and provide me with the results prior to my order placement?

We would prefer that you allow us the opportunity to test actual production parts prior to placing an order. This gives us a chance to prove our process and give you piece of mind that you are making an educated purchase. You will be provided with a formal test report summarizing the exact process and test parameters used. We also take this opportunity to review the makeup of your waste stream to determine if recycling your cleaning solution and possibly your cutting fluids using one of our ultrafiltration systems is possible.

Q: How quickly can I expect a return call from your service department if I experience a problem with my CTG washer?

We have service teams available around the clock in both North American and Asia. You can expect a return call usually within a few hours and, in most cases, corrective action with 24 hours. As we always build from our platform products, parts are readily available.

Q: Do you offer service contracts for maintaining my parts washers? How about energy audits?

We do offer service contracts for maintaining one or multiple parts washers in your facility. Keep in mind that it is not necessary that they are Ransohoff or Blackstone-NEY washers. We routinely provide rebuild and retool services for our competitor's machines. Energy audits are available and highly recommended as there are many low cost ways to reduce energy consumption by your parts washers.

Q: Why aren't my parts getting as clean today as they did yesterday?

The simple answer is that something has changed. The change, however, is not always found at the cleaning station. Once temperature, chemical concentration and all other cleaning parameters have been ruled out, the search should proceed back through the manufacturing steps. Common sources of problems include a change in lubricants, manufacturing processes and even raw materials. Cleaning problems may also be caused by clogged filters, misdirected coolant nozzles and improper machining or finishing practices. A change that is considered inconsequential by manufacturing may result in a huge difference in part cleanability.

Q: Why do I need to rinse parts after cleaning?

Rinsing is as important as cleaning in many applications and should be given the same attention as cleaning. Rinsing removes residues of the cleaning chemistry and the contaminants it has loosened to leave a part completely free of residue. Parts properly rinsed in de-ionized water or water processed by reverse osmosis will dry completely without water spots. Rinsing can be improved by increasing water flow or by adding more cascading rinse tanks. See the paper entitled "Ten Minutes to Better Rinsing" in the technical information section of this website for additional information. Further enhancement of rinsing can be realized by adding ultrasonics to the rinse tank(s).

About Us

Cleaning Technologies Group is a global supplier of the most innovative industrial and precision cleaning technologies available today. The company is comprised of three divisions, Blackstone-NEY UltrasonicsRansohoff, and CTG Asia:

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics
Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, located in Jamestown, NY, is a recognized leader in ultrasonic technology. Starting with the introduction of sweeping frequency in 1988, there has been a continuous stream of development and patents covering new ultrasonic generator and transducer technology. A broad spectrum of ultrasonic technology is available to meet the specific needs of a growing list of applications.

Ransohoff, located in Cincinnati, OH has over 90 years experience in aqueous cleaning technology with an installed base of over 15,000 parts washing machines worldwide. Ransohoff is a leading manufacturer of aqueous and solvent based parts cleaning systems including; spray, immersion, and ultrasonics, in both standard and custom designs, as well as a complete line of recyclable aqueous chemistries and waste minimization technologies.

CTG Asia
CTG Asia, located in Suzhou, China was formed in 2007 providing a combination of the technologies offered by the Cleaning Technologies Group in the USA. Both Blackstone-NEY and Ransohoff equipment are constructed in this new, state of the art, facility. CTG Asia provides innovative process technologies to the precision and industrial manufacturing markets in Asia and around the world. CTG Asia can provide a full range of parts washing solutions utilizing ultrasonics, megasonics, spray and immersion cleaning. In addition, the company offers waste minimization process solutions with both treatment equipment and environmentally friendly and safe aqueous cleaning chemistries.


Cleaning Technologies Group is a global supplier of the most innovative industrial and precision cleaning technologies available today. The company is comprised of three divisions, Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, Ransohoff, and CTG Asia. Serving the medical, semiconductor, electronics, aerospace, automotive, off-road, and many other industrial markets, our team has the process knowledge and capability to meet your specific needs and the experience required to help you make an educated cleaning equipment purchase.

Cleaning Technologies Group leads the way with waste minimization products that are highly energy efficient, allowing for recycle and re-use of the cleaning liquids.

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