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If you are in the market for an inline, monorail type conveyor washer, Ransohoff has a history of building the most durable monorail washers in the industry.

Utilizing spray or a combination of spray and immersion technologies, our monorail washers can process your largest stamped parts. Designed to be integrated into your existing plant transport system or as a standalone racetrack, we have a monorail washer to meet your needs.

Cleaning Sequence: Wash & Dry (Multiple Rinses Available)
Process Type: Continuous
Production: High Volume
Part Orientation: Fixtured on Custom Part Hanger
Max Work Envelope: Up to 24” Wide x 72” High
Method of Loading / Unloading: Manual
Footprint: Varies
Cleaning Mechanisms: Spray
Drying Mechanisms: High Velocity Heated Air
Controls: Relay Logic / Push Buttons and Pilot Lights or PLC / HMI
Typical Applications:
  • Large Stampings
  • Transmission Components
  • Remanufactured Components