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Frequently Asked Questions

Parts Washers in General

Q - Can you provide a Life Cycle Cost estimate with your washer proposal?

Any washer proposal that we prepare can be provided with a LCC Analysis at no cost.
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Q - Are you willing to test my parts and provide me with the results prior to my order placement?

We would prefer that you allow us the opportunity to test actual production parts prior to placing an order. This gives us a chance to prove our process and give you piece of mind that you are making an educated purchase. You will be provided with a formal test report summarizing the exact process and test parameters used. We also take this opportunity to review the makeup of your waste stream to determine if recycling your cleaning solution and possibly your cutting fluids using one of our ultrafiltration systems is possible.
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Q - Do you offer service contracts for maintaining my parts washers? How about energy audits?

We do offer service contracts for maintaining one or multiple parts washers in your facility. Keep in mind that it is not necessary that they are Ransohoff or Blackstone-NEY washers. We routinely provide rebuild and retool services for our competitor's machines. Energy audits are available and highly recommended as there are many low cost ways to reduce energy consumption by your parts washers.
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Q - How quickly can I expect a return call from your service department if I experience a problem with my CTG washer?

We have service teams available around the clock in both North American and Asia. You can expect a return call usually within a few hours and, in most cases, corrective action with 24 hours. As we always build from our platform products, parts are readily available.
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Q - How large is a micron?

View the diagram How Big is a Micron?
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Q - Will high pressure water remove a burr from my part?

See our Lead Pencil Test to determine if your burr can be removed using high pressure water.
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Q - How can I determine how clean my parts are?

Visit our Process Development page.
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Q - How do I know when to use spray, immersion or ultrasonic cleaning technologies?

Click here to fill out a request for application support and let us determine what is needed to meet your expectations.
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