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Oil Removal & Filtration


Q - What is the best way for me to remove non-soluble oils from my washer bath?

Checkout our ProSep Oil Removal System.
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Q - What product can I use to recycle the oil and cleaner from my wash solution?

Let us analyze your contaminated bath and determine which of our ultrafiltraiton products and chemistry combination would allow you to do both. Visit our Fluid Recycling page.
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Q - Is the micron rating on a filter bag or cartridge truly the maximum size particle that can pass through its media?

Solution filter micron ratings have been misinterpreted for years. The micron rating assigned to a particular bag or cartridge filter is based on the contaminated solution passing through the filtration media a certain number of times. It is not guaranteed to remove particles matching the rating size in a single pass. For this reason it is often necessary, when trying to reach certain micron levels, that a pair of filters be installed in series.
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