Specialty Products

CTG offers a wide variety of auxiliary equipment, from high pressure deburr machines, pickling and passivation systems, ultrasonic soldering equipment, and coating systems to fluid recycling and waste water treatment systems.

In addition to these specialty products we also offer comprehensive rebuild and retool services. Why buy a new washer when you can rework equipment that's sitting on the side lines. Our superior expertise with all types of parts washers and extensive experience with field installation should make us your first choice in equipment refurbishment. Whether the machine is one of ours or one of our competitors, we are ready to tackle your rework project.

Fluid Recycling and Chemistry

Oil removal, Ultrafiltration, Aqueous Chemistry, Recycle & Reuse.

Equipment Rebuild & Refurbishment

Retool existing equipment to handle a new part or refurbish to like-new condition.

Application Specific Products

High pressure duburr, ultrasonic soldering, passivation & pickling, coating systems, & cleanliness measurement systems.

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