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The Ultrasonic Advantage

Ultrasonic agitation of cleaning solutions is just one of many tools that can be used to facilitate and enhance a cleaning process. High frequency vibrations are introduced into a bath of liquid cleaning solution by specially designed devices called transducers … Continue reading

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Don’t be Fooled by “Process Validation”

Just about every cleaning process is performed in the interest of providing a clean part.  This makes the “deliverable” a clean part!  Part cleanliness, however, is often not the variable that is tracked in the interest of quality control.  Let’s … Continue reading

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Lab Tales – “Worst Case Scenario” Testing?

Cleaning sample parts in a test laboratory is one of the logical first steps in the development of a cleaning process and the subsequent specification of cleaning hardware to perform that process.  Earlier in my life, as the test lab … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget Drying

In my experience, drying deserves a lot more attention than is usually gets in the design of a cleaning system.  If for no other reason, drying deserves extra attention because it is almost always the most time-consuming of all steps … Continue reading

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Emptying the Garbage

The cleaning process is really just an exercise of removing contamination from the surface being cleaned and moving it to a segregated location for collection and disposal. This is accomplished in a number of ways depending on the volume and … Continue reading

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Wash, Rinse and Dry

Today’s industrial parts cleaning processes commonly employ at least three distinct steps. The basic steps are Washing, Rinsing, and Drying. Each step is custom tailored to the overall requirement with the range of options for each much broader than one … Continue reading

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Lab Tales – Prologue

I will be the first person to advocate cleaning trials in the laboratory as an important step in the development of a cleaning process. I will also be the first to admit that in over forty years of lab testing … Continue reading

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