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Cleanliness Test Selection

Having a means to evaluate and monitor the cleanliness of parts after cleaning is essential to assure the success and consistency of any cleaning process.  Selecting and properly applying the appropriate cleanliness test for a particular application is a task … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Talk About Water!

The vast majority of industrial cleaning processes today use water-based chemistry for cleaning and the cleanest water possible for rinsing. Most water comes from wells or reservoirs and arrives via a municipal utility which may filter it and add chemicals … Continue reading

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What is “Spot Free” All About?

Many cleaning specifications call for “Spot Free Drying.” I have always taken this to mean that there should be no visible water (or other) spots on the parts once they exit the cleaning process. The offending spots are usually created … Continue reading

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Neutral Ground

The use of some kind of chemistry is an important and unavoidable part of most industrial cleaning processes.  Chemistries can remain effective for as little as a few hours or as long as a year or more depending on the … Continue reading

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Good Tools = Good Results?

Somewhere along the way, maybe half a lifetime ago, I got involved in photography on a semi-professional basis. I photographed a bunch of weddings and also spent a lot of time cruising around back roads taking pictures of birds, colored … Continue reading

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