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Ultrasonics and Turbulation Don’t Mix!

Previous blogs have explained the benefits of relative motion between the part being cleaned or rinsed and the liquid in contact with the part.  Relative motion can be accomplished by moving either the part or the liquid relative to the other.  … Continue reading

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Spray Under Immersion – Like a Jacuzzi!

Liquid motion within and around a submerged part is one of many ways of enhancing both cleaning and rising processes.  In an earlier blog, The BIG Four agitation was described as one of the “big four” variables having a major impact … Continue reading

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The Strength and Mystery of Triangles

Look around you.  Triangles are everywhere!  Any structure requiring a strong and rigid construction depends on triangles to achieve that goal.  Even though they might not be obvious or even seen for that matter, triangles are at work wherever strength … Continue reading

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Blog Changes – Login to Comment

First of all, I would like to thank those of you have become “regulars” to the blog.  Having written over 165 “informational” entries now, I am anxious to lift the blog to another level including reader discussions.  Reader comments have … Continue reading

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Water – DI vs. RO

Preceeding blogs have described two ways of reducing the ionic content of water for use in washing and rinsing applications.  Although both reduce ionic content, the process commonly called “De-Ionization” uses a treated resin to capture ions while the “Reverse Osmosis” process … Continue reading

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Water – Reverse Osmosis

Preceeding blogs have discussed de-ionized or “DI” water, its benefits and its uses at some length.  Today’s blog will discuss “Reverse Osmosis” water otherwise known as “RO” water. RO water is like a second cousin of de-ionized water.  In the de-ionization process, … Continue reading

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Flammability and Ultrasonics

If you have worked around ultrasonic cleaning systems, you may have noticed that most of them are plastered with stickers warning against the use of flammable materials as cleaning agents.  To those who are not familiar with various ultrasonic phenomena, … Continue reading

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