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Washing Clothes With Ultrasonics

Blackstone Ultrasonics was founded in the mid 1950’s in the hope that the addition of ultrasonic agitation to a conventional clothes washer would revolutionize laundering of fabrics.  It didn’t take long before it was recognized that ultrasonic techniques weren’t going … Continue reading

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Dishwashers and Ultrasonics

Gee Whiz!  I was sure somebody would challenge me on the last blog about washing dishes at home.  But, since there are no comments (or fire bombs) in my inbox, I guess everybody agrees that the most efficient way to wash … Continue reading

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Cleaning at Home – Dishwashing

Water, the “universal” solvent is the center of most cleaning applications in the home.  Water, at least in my location in the US, is readily available, plentiful and relatively inexpensive.  Water plus a small amount of overly expensive and competitively … Continue reading

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What Makes A Cleaning Requirement Challenging?

The preceeding blog discussed what is probably the “granddaddy” of all cleaning challenges – burned-on carbon.  But, as those of us who have been in the cleaning business since Noah launched the ark know, there are a bunch of other … Continue reading

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Challenging Cleaning Applications

The technology of parts cleaning is a very sophisticated science today.  Most cleaning challenges can be met with the proper combination of equipment, chemistry and technique.  In my 45 year involvement with parts cleaning, I have seen many twists and … Continue reading

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