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Cleaning Chemistry – Water-Based Chemistry – Caustic

Acidic cleaning chemistries were discussed in a preceding blog.  Now let’s talk about the second of the three classifications of chemistry we defined – caustics.  Caustics are materials that are basic as opposed to acidic in nature.  The use of … Continue reading

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Cleaning Chemistry – Water-Based Chemistry – Acidic

Water is often referred to as the “universal solvent.”  Yet, as we all know, its hard to get grime off of your hands clean without using some soap!  Water, however, is an attractive “solvent” as it is plentiful, relatively cheap and … Continue reading

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Ultrasonics – Cleaning Orifices with Ultrasonics III

Dimensions of orifices and typical contaminant scenarios were discussed in preceding blogs.  Today, let’s consider the role of ultrasonics in removing contaminants from orifices.  First, we’ll consider the “classic” orifice consisting of a passageway through a solid.  Then we’ll talk … Continue reading

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