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Cleaning – When Things Go Wrong

When everything is going well and final inspectors are finding nothing but acceptably clean parts, cleaning can be a pretty boring part of the overall production process.  As soon as a dirty part shows up, however, it seems that cleaning … Continue reading

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Cleaning – Where Does Cleaning (Cleanability) Start?

Cleanliness, as important as it is, is too often relegated to the final and “detached” stage in the process of product design.  Even a very insightful design engineer seldom looks at a design from its conception with an eye to … Continue reading

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Mind Teaser – Water Heater Wars

At the urging of several readers I have decided to, from time to time, present a little puzzle or “thinking exercise” here on the blog.  Maybe it will help those of us who are advancing in age to stave off … Continue reading

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Regenerative Blowers

 The movement of air is an important consideration in the design of most industrial cleaning systems.  The immediate application that comes to mind is, of course, in drying.  The movement of air is one of the major requirements for drying … Continue reading

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Ultrasonic Frequency – 25kHz vs. 40kHz

Recently, there has been a lot of attention directed at the new and expanding range of ultrasonic frequencies available in advanced design ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The result has been that there has been a de-emphasis on the “workhorse” frequencies that … Continue reading

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Blind Holes – Surprises?

One thing I should have learned over the years is to not speculate on the outcome of experimentation.  In the previous blog, I advanced some theories on how liquid and air exchange might be enhanced in cleaning bling holes by … Continue reading

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