Custom Vapor Degreasers
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Vapor Degreasers

RB Solvent Series metal-cleaning machines guarantee near-zero atmospheric emissions. Air re-circulation drying systems and advanced vacuum technology eliminate the need for exhaust smokestacks.

Both in small units with a working chamber of only 450 mm x 300 mm x 200 mm height or in very large scale units with many tonnes of solvent incorporated in the process, the results are the same: consistent levels of surface cleanliness with the absolute guarantee of long term compliance with emissions directives.

The advantages of solvent degreasing:

  • Low surface tension (typically 25-30 dynes/cm compared with 72 for water) meaning that liquid can enter (and exit) complex geometric parts features such as fine threads and blind holes thereby flushing out contamination.
  • Solvents can generally accommodate a wide range of contaminants whereas aqueous detergents are usually "soil specific" and a variety of chemicals may be required to be effective in many manufacturing processes.
  • The separate distillation within an hermetically sealed solvent system ensures that both clean solvent and pure vapour are available for each cycle, therefore maintaining consistent results.
  • The volatility of organic solvents ensures that drying of parts is both rapid and thorough. Just compare the latent heat of evaporation of water at 2280 kj/kg with organic solvents' one at approximately 200-300 kj/kg.
  • Applying vacuum to the treatment chamber and therefore reducing the boiling point, residual parts heat will ensure instant vaporization allowing up to 10 cleaning cycles per hour.
  • Hermetically sealed solvent cleaning technology ensures that all contamination is isolated in the distillation unit, no longer we are disposing of large quantities of "dirty solvent". Furthermore, special solvent transfer systems are available today from solvent suppliers, for the safe delivery and closed circuit transfer of both new solvent and waste residues.