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‘Go to the pros’ for all your parts cleaning requirements

Ransohoff, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group LLC, and the industry leader in parts cleaning equipment, is now offering Contract Cleaning services for manufacturers seeking to outsource the production cleaning of their parts. Now manufacturers of a wide range of part types, with low to high volume requirements, who need exceptionally thorough part cleaning prior to final finishing or assembly can benefit from the same Ransohoff parts washing technologies and methods used in thousands of Ransohoff machine installations worldwide. Customers of the new Contract Cleaning service can expect repeatable & reliable results and the fast turn-around time that’s become increasingly important to most manufacturers of precision parts, says Ransohoff Technical Center Process Engineer Dan Limbert. “Higher quality standards and tougher compliance have made parts cleaning of paramount importance to many manufacturers of everything from aerospace to automotive parts and military to medical equipment,” says. Mr. Limbert. “Ransohoff Contract Cleaning is the way many can meet these challenges, without the added manpower and capital equipment costs.” For more information about Ransohoff Contract Cleaning, visit:
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