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Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC introduces its Fast Track program for quick cleaning solutions.

The Fast Track program will offer selected products available with a set of standard options and delivery available within six weeks.  The first product being introduced into the program is a standard LeanVeyor system that includes wash and heated drying stages, a 12” conveyor system and the capability to clean up to 300 parts per hour. The program was created by our employees as an innovation project where the team looked at what we could do to provide quicker delivery times for our most popular machines.  The team looked at which options should be included as standard and which machine configuration would satisfy the majority of today’s cleaning applications. The program will include Rotary Basket Immersion Cleaning Systems and Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonic cleaning systems along with the introductory LeanVeyor system.  Now you can receive cleaning solutions faster, when you need it to meet your parts cleaning requirements. To find out more information about our new Fast Track program, visit our website at or call 1-800-504-3674.

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