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CTG Partners with FIRBIMATIC

Cleaning Technologies Group and FIRBIMATIC are pleased to announce the addition of solvent cleaning systems to CTG’s wide array of available cleaning technologies. Cleaning Technologies Group has partnered with FIRBIMATIC, the world leader in alternative

FIRBIMATIC Solvent Cleaning System FIRBIMATIC Solvent Cleaning System


solvent cleaning technology, located in Bologna, Italy, to offer customers solvent cleaning systems. CTG is now the exclusive distributor for FIRBIMATIC solvent cleaning systems in both North America and China. FIRBIMATIC metal-cleaning machines guarantee near-zero atmospheric emissions. Air re-circulation drying systems and advanced vacuum technology eliminate the need for exhaust smokestacks. FIRBIMATIC solvent cleaning systems can accommodate a wide range of contaminants providing customers with consistent levels of surface cleanliness and an absolute guarantee of long term compliance with emissions directives. “We are very excited to bring this important cleaning technology to our customers in North America and China through our new partnership with FIRBIMATIC,” states Cleaning Technologies Group CEO, James McEachen. The partnership will enable CTG and FIRBIMATIC to combine innovative and advanced manufacturing solutions, resulting in solvent cleaning processes that meet and exceed the expectations of customers. Click Here for more information about the new partnership and FIRBIMATIC solvent cleaning systems.

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