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Industrial Parts Washer Efficiency – 6 Things to Look for in a Cleaning System

Mega JetWhen an industrial manufacturer considers ways to optimize efficiency they will consider many aspects of their operation, from component fabrication to quality control. One important area that should not be overlooked is the parts washing process. Parts washing may not get much consideration if the system in place is doing enough to get by. Unfortunately this approach ignores a great deal of potential waste in terms of efficiency.

Whether you shopping for a new industrial parts washer or considering the replacement of an existing parts cleaning system, here are six things you should be looking for to promote efficiency:

1. Parts washer effectively removes contaminants from parts

Your parts cleaning system should get the job done in one cycle. If your system is old or not well-suited to your application you may think what you have is as good as it gets. That is not true. There are many washer options available to suit a wide range of needs.

2. Parts washer system doesn’t cause degradation of part surfaces

Your washing process should only remove dirt and contaminants. A system or cleaning solution that is too harsh or abrasive may actually cause part damage. It is not necessary to sacrifice surface quality in order to obtain thorough cleaning. With the many cleaning options available, parts surface damage should never be acceptable.

3. Parts cleaning equipment investment and usage costs meet budget needs

When considering the cost of a cleaning system, there is the cost of the system and there is the associated expense of using and maintaining the system. While you could save money by keeping an old system in place, or purchasing inexpensive equipment, that decision could prove extremely costly in terms of long term efficiency.

4. Parts washer system provides short cycle time cleaning

Energy consumption should be a consideration for every process you employ. Parts cleaning is no different. Short cycle time cleaning not only saves energy it also keeps your operation more productive and subsequently more profitable.

5. Parts cleaning system is environmentally responsible

Environmental responsibility is a high priority for most forward-thinking businesses. The decisions you make about the industrial parts washing process you use have a significant impact on the environmental-friendliness your business. Some parts cleaning systems are designed to be effective without having a negative impact on the environment.

6. Parts washer system does not involve user-related health or safety risks

Just as you can find parts washer systems that are specifically designed to protect the environment, you will find that quality systems are engineered with user and workplace safety in mind. Innovative techniques and solution formulas can safely deliver superior results.

To learn more about how to plan for a new industrial parts washing system, download our free guide.

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