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New & Noteworthy

CTG is proud to announce the recent addition of two employees: Ronald Davis and Jason Buck! Ronald Davis, of Ashville, NY joined Blackstone-NEY as a Production Supervisor on July 25th. Getting to Know Ronald:

Ronald Davis - Production Supervisor

Ronald Davis - Production Supervisor

Favorite Activities: Spending time with my grandkids, swimming

Favorite Vacation Spot: Virginia

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Band: BTO

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Restaurant: Longhorn Steakhouse

What was the last movie you went to see? Priest

Jason Buck, of Jamestown, NY joined Blackstone-NEY as an assembly technician on May 16th. He will be working in 1st floor production. Getting to Know Jason:

Jason Buck - Assembly Technician

Jason Buck - Assembly Technician

Favorite Activities: Spending time with my family, riding my motorcycle

Favorite Vacation Spot: Outer Banks

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Musician: Bob Seger

Favorite Food: Mexican

Do you have any pets? Two fish: Sponge Bob & Patrick

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