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New Product Spotlight- Aquarius Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics is pleased to announce its newly redesigned Aquarius tank to tank precision ultrasonic cleaning system. Our patented technology allows us to incorporate seven (7) independent frequencies, 40-80-120-140-170-220-270, in a single tank which makes for a very compact design. Complete with a fully automated robotic transfer this high production cleaning system is designed to meet your most stringent cleanliness requirements. With the programmable controller being capable of running multiple recipes, dictated by an operator or part specific bar codes, this system is completely flexible for any part configuration. The controller can be programmed to track parts through the cleaning process as well as log all process parameter data points including dwell times, process temperatures, ultrasonic settings, and output this data for external storage. Ethernet connectivity is also standard in the Aquarius line allowing for full integration into any production environment. This system is designed to be modular and fully scalable allowing it to be used for a variety of final cleaning and Passivation processes for the Medical, Aerospace, and many other precision industries. Aquarius Image

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