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DSC_0214Suzhou, China - Did you know the Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC facility in Suzhou, China has a fully operational technical center  Our analytical laboratory can conduct cleaning trials to simulate part cleaning within a production environment to develop and optimize the ideal part specific cleaning levels. CTG can develop a cleaning process to meet cleanliness specifications that apply to just about any industry, meeting even the most stringent ultrasonic cleaning requirements. Our facility may be new, but CTG has over 90 years of experience in the parts cleaning industry. Request a lab test today and see for yourself what our technical center has to offer.

Did you know that Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics was an industry pioneer in the development of ultrasonic cleaning technology? Currently holding twelve major patents for designs ranging from multiple frequency transducers (universal transducers) and multiple frequency producing generators (multiSONIK), to generators that produce sweeping frequencies (sweepSONIK). Download our milestone list here! Today these patented technologies, especially the multi-frequency universal transducers and generators, are an extremely important part of the Cleaning Technologies Group product offering.  They are used in standard units such as our CH tank and the PROHT tank as well as in elaborate Aquarius tank to tank cleaning and passivation systems. Industry use ranges from the medical implant arena to optics and semiconductor wafer cleaning.

multiSONIK Generator

multiSONIK Generator

sweepSONIK Generator

sweepSONIK Generator

Cincinnati, OH - The Cleaning Technologies Group was recently awarded the Extraordinary Member Award from TechSolve for their leadership and service to improving manufacturing processes in today's changing business environment.  Jim McEachen - President of CTG, recently attended "Hill Day" in Washington DC to meet with Senators and Representatives as part of the Manufacturing Extensions Partnership, a federal program that focuses on helping small and mid-size manufacturing businesses improve their processes and competitive edge.  CTG has been a member of TechSolve since 1998 and is committed to improving manufacturing standards not only in the industrial parts cleaning sector but overall to better serve our customers, employees, and surrounding  community partners.

AMTN_May10_CS_GroupNashville, TN - CTG continually strives to improve our customer service.  Recently Joe Servizzi, Customer Satisfaction Service Manager for CTG attended the 40th annual AMT Customer Service Conference in Nashville, TN.  The event focused on what constitutes leadership in customer service, powerful networking opportunities, and the future of human resources in the workplace.  "The AMT Service Conference was a great networking opportunity and allowed me to share ideas with my peers in the service industry to better serve our customers.  The interactive activities were a good refresher course for dealing with customers and employees in general, but ultimately zeroed in on dealing and communicating with the younger generation of engineers and maintenance technicians, both internally & externally." - Joe Servizzi       

If you've been putting off purchasing capital equipment, now is the perfect time to invest in your future.   Don't let your piece of the pie just pass you by.  Current tax incentives make it cheaper than ever before to purchase that much needed piece of equipment. To learn more about the 2010 Accelerated Depreciation and Section 179 Tax Incentives click here...
DON'T DELAY - In order to qualify for the incentives equipment must be purcashed and installed before December 31, 2010.

Warsaw, IN - The Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC hosted an after show reception for Orthotec attendees last month in Warsaw.  The hospitality suite was a great chance to relax and mingle with our sales and engineering staff after the show.  Many from the medical industry were in attendance.  This was a great forum for CTG to showcase the latest in ultrasonic cleaning technology in an informal setting,  everyone enjoyed the evening.  Stay tuned for more upcoming events... Warsaw reception 019Warsaw reception 021

The Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC would like to recognize everyone celebrating a special anniversary milestone for the first half of 2010.  Employees are the heart of our business and CTG is very proud of the dedication and hard work they demonstrate every day.  We have one of the most knowledgeable and experienced staffs in the industry.  The average years of service for a CTG employee is over 13 years.  Congratulations and thank you for your contributions to the success of the CTG family. RNSAnniversarysmall

Anniversary Celebration June 10th, 2010

5 Years - Todd Bryant, Paul Day, Michael Delrosario, Theresa McWilliams, & Jeffrey Spengler 10 Years - Stacey Abbott, Kenneth Hammond, Gene Phaneuf, Elliot Smith & Daniel Stratton 15 Years - Ryan Brewer, Van Nehus, Kevin Ochterski & Ricky Pratt 20 Years - Darcy Cramer & Lisa Finley

June 2010 - The CTG family would like to congratulate Kristy Riffell on being awarded the Horan & Associates scholarship.  Each year Horan awards a scholarship to a current UC and Xavier student based on academic excellence.  Kristy is the daughter of Mark Riffell.  Mark is a lead masterbuilder, and has been a member of the CTG family for 23 years.  Kristy will be entering her senior year this fall at Xavier and is studying social work.  Congratulations Kristy and good luck in all your future endeavors...

Louisville May 2010 - CTG would like to congratulate Fred Kuhn of Alcon Research, winner of the grand prize I-Pod Touch that was given away at the PCX show in Louisville.   CTG took part in the innagural year for PCX and it was very well attended.  The winner was chosen from everyone at the show who filled out a test request.  If you are interested in free part testing and analysis but couldn't attend the show,  just fill out a test request , email it to us and one of our sales managers will set up testing for you, its that easy.  Stay tuned for future promotions and giveaways.  IMTS  is just 4 months away.


May 2010 - Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC was pleased to welcome Mr. Yang Li Ming and Mr. Qiu Fumin from Chengdu Optics to our North American facilities in Cincinnati, OH and Jamestown, NY.  They were accompanied by Thomas Suydam and  Su Jing of our CTG Asia sales staff.  While here, they were able to tour our facilities and get an up close look at the capabilities of our technical center.   Our engineering and management teams were able to meet with them to discuss their existing Blackstone-Ney ultrasonic system and possibilities for future projects at their Chengdu, PR China facility.  During their stay they were able to take in a few sites of the Ohio River and parts of New York and San Francisco.  We hope they enjoyed their visit and look forward to working with them in the future.    chengdu084chengdu093

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