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What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Advanced technologies require an extremely high degree of component cleanliness. Ultrasonic technology has provided a highly effective solution to meeting precision cleaning needs. Cutting edge ultrasonic cleaning technologies are used in the most demanding OEM markets to remove sub-micron particles from components used in electronics, medical devices, and other critical applications.

Ultrasonic Waves

Understanding ultrasonic cleaning begins with looking at the science behind it. The vibration of an object causes sound waves that make the air molecules around the object vibrate. When those vibrations travel through the air they cause vibrations in the human ear, which the brain interprets as sound. Sound waves transmitted at 20,000 Hz or higher are considered ultrasonic waves. These vibrations are rapid enough to create a pitch so high it cannot be heard by the human ear. In nature, certain animals are able to perceive ultrasonic waves and use them to communicate.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

In terms of technology, it has been discovered that ultrasonic waves can be used for highly effective, chemical-free cleaning. Ultrasonic waves are created by a high-frequency electronic generator and transmitted through water in a tank specially engineered for parts cleaning. Alternating waves of expansion and compression occur within the water. The water is actually torn apart during the expansion phase to create cavitation bubbles, which do the actual ultrasonic cleaning work.

Cavitation Bubbles

During the ultrasonic cleaning process, the cavitation bubbles compress and expand until they reach a particular size, in accordance with the frequency and strength of the sound waves. At this point, the bubbles burst, creating high-powered streams of plasma, which hit the surface of the parts to be cleaned. The power of these blasts is sufficient to remove the smallest particulate from surfaces. Even contaminants adhered to solid surfaces or embedded in crevices are loosened and released. This makes ultrasonic cleaning especially ideal for assemblies, which may remain intact during cleaning.

Find Your Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

A wide range of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is available to meet specific precision cleaning needs. To learn more about the best ultrasonic cleaning solution to meet your needs, talk to the parts cleaning experts at Cleaning Technologies Group.




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