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CIMTS Conv Ctr

China International Exhibition Center - Beijing, China

Beijing China - Months of planning and preparation have finally paid off.  2011 marked the first year CTG has exhibited in China's largest manufacturing event CIMT.   CTG was part of the AMT/USA Pavillion showcasing US companies with facilities or business ventures in Asia.  CIMT 2011 was attended by over 200,000 industry professionals from around the globe making participation a must for any company with a dominant prescence in the Asian marketplace.  Our US and Asian sales team worked around the clock contributing to a very successful show.  Thank you to all who visited us and we look forward to building many new long lasting relationships.   See you in Beijing in 2013!

Show attendees and CTG staff

Show attendees and CTG staff


US and Asian Sales Team

US and Asian Sales Team


The Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC would like to congratulate the following employees celebrating an anniversary in the first quarter of 2011.  Great employees are the backbone of a great company, and their dedication and hard work are critical to the success of CTG.  With over 152 years of combined experience CTG has some of the most knowledgeable and experienced employees in the industry.  Thank you for your years of service and contributions you have made to the CTG family.

Matt Voty, Tony Chapman, Troy Engstrom

Matt Voty, Tony Chapman, Troy Engstrom

5 Years -  Tony Chapman & Matt Voty 10 Years- Scott Chandley & Troy Engstrom 25 Years- Brian Combs

Scott Chandley & Brian Combs

Scott Chandley & Brian Combs

Enlin Zheng - General Manager for CTG Asia was recently interviewed for an article in Aviation Precision Manufacturing Technology, a premiere publication in China.  The article addresses the Cleaning Technologies Group's experience and expertise in the Aerospace Industry.  CTG has been working with major US and European Aersopace Companies for years with a line of parts washers that meet the most critical industry standards.  Since 2007 CTG has brought its knowledge and expertise to our CTG Asia team preparing them to be a lead supplier to the growing Chinese Aerospace Industry.  Mr. Zheng feels CTG Asia has a great future in working with the Chinese Aerospace Market. 

Barney Bosse-President, Chris Whittaker-VP Sales & Marketing, Everett Rice-Regional Sales Manager, and Jeff Mills-Regional Sales Manager of the Cleaning Technologies Group recently visited National Machinery's European Headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany.  While in Germany CTG met with several local automotive manufacturers and suppliers.  CTG's line of parts washers are designed to fit well into European standards.   Along with NME's line of cold forming equipment CTG sees a potential for huge growth in the European Market.   With sales and support throughout the US, Europe, and Asia CTG has emerged as a global supplier of the most innovative industrial and precision cleaning technologies available today.

National Machinery's European Headquarters - Nuremburg, Germany

National Machinery's European Headquarters - Nuremberg, Germany

Chris Whittaker, V.P. of Sales and Marketing recently joined 11 other members of AMT (The Association for Manufacturing Technology) on a trade mission to Brazil.   Brazil's recent economic growth especially in the industrial sector has put them on the map as a global player.  The trip consisted of briefings on Brazil's overall economic, industrial and political outlook , current market segments, and learning about local customs and regulations.  The trip included facility visits to several local manufacturers and one-on-one meetings with potential distributors.  The trip was important to CTG's commitment to providing the latest technology in parts washers around the globe.


Machine Tool Manufacturer ERGOMAT

Machine Tool Manufacturer ROMI

Machine Tool Manufacturer ROMI



The next couple of months CTG will be out on the road, showcasing the latest in precision cleaning technology and industrial parts cleaning directly to our customers.  CTG kicks off the season at CIMT April 11th - 16th in Beijing, China.  This is the largest international machine tool show and CTG is excited to be participating for the first time.  Then its back to the states for PCX April 19th - 21st in Columbus, OH.  The Process Cleaning Expo is teaming up with PMTS attracting all kinds of machining tool companies throughout the midwest.  In May CTG will be exhibiting at Eastec May 17th-19th in Springfield, MA and Orthotec May 24th-25th in Warsaw, IN.  focusing on the medical and aerospace industries.


Booth W3-B107


Booth 1323

The Cleaning Technologies Group is a world class leader in providing passivation systems to the medical and aerospace industries.  What exactly is passivation?  Passivation is the removal of exogenous iron or iron compounds from the surface of stainless steel by means of chemical dissolution.   A process extremely important to critical cleaning applications. Our systems combine ultrasonic cleaning with pickling, passivation, rinsing neutralization, and drying using our own Blackstone-NEY ultrasonic generators to achieve precision cleaning at the sub micron level.  Our years of experience in this field can help you define a system that will meet your most stringent cleaning needs today and in the future.  For more information contact our sales staff at

 Whittaker Headshot

Chris Whittaker has been named Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Cleaning Technologies Group (CTG).  Mr. Whittaker will be responsible for all CTG sales activities in North America and for all CTG global marketing activities.  The Ransohoff and Blackstone-NEY sales force will report directly to Chris, and he will provide leadership and guidance to the CTG Asia sales team. "Chris will do a great job leading our sales initiatives as we move forward and he will help assure that we present the same image and message to all of our customers.  In addition, he will continue to leverage the strengths of all divisions as we move to further develop and penetrate corporate strategic customers, and increase our market share on a global basis." - Jim McEachen, CEO CTG, LLC Chris is a 2000 graduate of Ohio University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he has over 10 years experience with the Cleaning Technologies Group working in the engineering, proposal, and sales departments.  Most recently he consolidated the new CTG website and launched many new sales procedures and processes.  Chris was responsible for developing the 2011 CTG Sales & Marketing Plan.

Jim McEachen, CEO of Cleaning Technologies Group recently participated in a trade mission to India, which was arranged by the Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT).  The mission consisted of visits with a few very important India manufacturers, a tour of the Chennai based AMT Technology Center, and an extended visit to the bi-annual IMTEX (India Machine Tool Exposition) trade show in Bangalore.  The visit was very informative and important.  CTG plans to base its India operations out of the AMT Chennai Technical Center (CTC).  Please watch for announcements in the near future.

India Trade Mission

"Members of the AMT trade mission to India during a visit to the Caterpillar facility in Tamil Nadu"

Suzhou, China - The Cleaning Technologies Group has hired a new Operations Manager for its Asia facility.  Mr. Wang Ligang will be in charge of engineering, production, and planning at CTG Asia.  Mr. Wang Ligang spent eight years with Grundfos Suzhou, as a mechanical engineer, production engineer, and production manager.  He is a graduate of Xian Jiao Tong University and spent one year with Bombardier Suzhou before joining CTG. In 2010 CTG Asia increased its production of parts washers and immersion cleaning systems. "CTG is very excited to have  Mr Wang Ligang join our team, he will be a big help to CTG Asia's continued growth." - Enlin Zheng-General Manager CTG Asia 

Ligang-CTGA Oper Mgr

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