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CTG will introduce a host of advanced cleaning solutions at the Eastec 2019 in West Springfield, Massachusetts May 14 - 16, 2019. Visitors to Cleaning Technologies Group Booth #3219 will be introduced to a number of new products, technologies and services including the LeanJet Cell-Jet cabinet washer for point of use, as well as batch cleaning where very little floor space is available. This spray washer was designed as a low cost, down and dirty, industrial quality wash station utilizing medium pressure spray impingement and compressed air to clean and dry your parts.

We will also introduce the AgiSonic® Ultrasonic Parts Washer Cleaning, a robust ultrasonic cleaning machine designed for heavy duty parts washing with vertical parts agitation constructed of all stainless steel.

Cleaning Technologies Group (CTG), a world leader in providing cleaning and waste minimization technologies, will introduce a host of advanced cleaning solutions at the China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) in Beijing, China April 15 - 20, 2019. Visitors to Cleaning Technologies Group Booth #W3-B212 will be introduced to a number of new products, technologies and services including the LeanJet RB-2 Aqueous Immersion Cleaning System, which uses a patented washing and rinsing process and the CleanVeyor Ultrasonic parts washer.

Kevin Pahl

Kevin Pahl has joined the sales team at Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC as a Regional Sales Manager, effective January 2019.

“Kevin comes to us from the Ransohoff Engineering department with years of experience in parts cleaning and a strong ambition to succeed in sales" – Jeff Mills, VP of Ransohoff Sales CTG, LLC

Kevin started at Ransohoff as a Design Engineer in 1992 and worked his way through several Engineering management roles over the next decade.  After a period in the aerospace industry as Purchasing Manager, he returned to Ransohoff and held a position as Sr. Project Manager in Engineering. 

Join CTG in congratulating Kevin on his promotion.

Jared Moore has joined Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC as a Chemical Sales Manager, effective March 2019

"Jared comes to us with a strong chemistry back ground and has the ambition and drive that our growing organization desires but also the superb customer service skills that our customers demand" – Jeff Mills, VP of Ransohoff Sales.

Jared is an experienced Sales Executive with a background in chemical sales. Jared has worked in surface finishing for over two decades – working closely with clients to overcome the challenges of cleaning both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Jared resides in the greater Cincinnati area with his family and is active in service and mission work of New Life Chapel (Chemistry degree from Miami University as well as Certified Electroplater-Finisher certification from the NASF).

Please join us in welcoming Jared to the CTG family.

Robotic automation is bringing the benefits of workflow efficiency and higher productivity to a wide range of processes and industries. Parts cleaning is one process that can be improved significantly through a variety of ways to automate parts washing. Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics brings the advantages of robotic automation to ultrasonic parts cleaning with their innovative Robosonic robotic parts cleaning cell technology.

Blackstone-NEY is the industry’s trusted name for ultra sonic cleaning equipment technology designed to provide efficient and environmentally sound parts cleaning solutions for challenging applications. The Blackstone-NEY Robosonic system takes ultrasonic cleaning to a new level with precision cleaning and maximum efficiency in a robotic cleaning cell.

This new automated parts cleaning system offers flexible parts processing through the integration of a collaborative robot. The collaborative robots are designed to safely stop in the event of contact with a human operator.

This highly customizable robotic cleaning cell can be designed with the latest intelligent functions such as force sensing and iRVision (Integrated Vision) for optimal automation capability.

Ultrasonic Science

The components used in today’s precision assemblies require an extremely high degree of cleanliness. Ultrasonic technology has provided a highly effective way to meet these precision cleaning needs. Sophisticated ultrasonic cleaning technologies are used in the most demanding applications to remove sub-micron particles from components used in disc drive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, and many other critical industries.

Understanding ultrasonic cleaning begins with looking at the science behind it. This article will discuss some of the basic concepts involved in understanding how ultrasonic cleaning works.

What are Ultrasonic Waves?

The vibration of an object creates sound waves that cause vibration of other molecules that are in contact with that object. As those vibrations travel through a sound conducting media,  they in turn cause vibrations which are transmitted throughout the media. In the case of vibrations in air, our ears detect these vibrations and the brain interprets them as sound. A healthy ear can hear sounds of very low 20 Hertz frequency, to a very high frequency of 20,000 Hertz. (For an interesting range demonstration, try the audio test found here.)

Sound waves at a frequency of 20,000 Hz or higher are considered ultrasonic waves.

How Are Ultrasonic Waves Transmitted During Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Cleaning Technologies Group is excited to be an exhibitor at the 2019 Precision Machining Technology Show, the must-attend event for users of precision machining equipment and services related to machine tools, cutting tools, work handling, materials, parts cleaning, and more.

PMTS / PCx 2019 is scheduled to take place April 2 – 4, 2019 in Cleveland, Ohio. Visitors to CTG Booth #11075 will be introduced to innovative new products, technologies, and services. Featured among the new technologies exhibited at the show will be:

New LeanJet® RB-1 Cleaning System

This systems uses a patented washing and rinsing process of agitation, spray impingement, hydraulic purging through immersion and rotation, ultrasonics, and heated blow-off drying. The patented "triple action" batch cleaning process was developed specifically to process a broad range of challenging parts, especially those with internal bores and passages and complex geometries, making this system capable of meeting critical cleaning expectations.

Looking for ways to increase process efficiency and productivity? Automating your parts washing process is a great way to implement simple, but significant improvements.

Automate Your Parts Washer

If you have considered the idea of automated parts washing but thought it would be complicated or cost-prohibitive, now is the time to revisit the idea! CTG  can do custom engineered solutions and has several highly flexible approaches to automating your parts washing process to realize significant cost savings and efficiency gains.

Robot Pick and Place

This set up would involve a part that is coming off of a process line, a machine center or off of a cueing pallet. The robot can be placed on the conveyor line or in the washer, where it will both position the part for washing and then place it into the next station in the process.

Tie Washer into a Flow Line

This option positions the washer within an automated flow line coming out of a machining center. Parts are automatically placed on a belt or other means of transport directly following an automated machining process. Robotic automation puts the parts in place for the next step in the process.

Parts Washing Nozzles on a Robot and Stationary Nozzles Designed to Work with Robots

Photonics West 2019

CTG is excited to participate in Photonics West 2019, to be held in San Francisco, California, February 5 - 7, 2019.  Photonics West is the leading global event for the photonics and laser industries. As a recognized leader in ultrasonic technology, we will be demonstrating a number of new products in Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Booth #5647.

Among the new technologies exhibited at the show will be:


Megasonics is a multi-frequency, sweeping or non-sweeping system. The multiMEG's four mode operation (430 kHz conventional streaming Megasonics / 430 kHz dualSWEEP® Megasonics / 1.3 MHz conventional streaming Megasonics / 1.3 MHz dualSWEEP® Megasonics) delivers higher yields in a single process tank. Combining our multiMEG technology with our advanced plate arrays and submersible designs allows integrators and existing users the ability to experience higher particle removal efficiencies while minimizing downtime associated with full module replacement.

Blackstone-NEY Cleaning Solutions to be Introduced at MD&M West 2019Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) West 2019 is scheduled to take place February 5 - 7, 2019 in Anaheim, California. MD&M West is the place for professionals in the global medical manufacturing community to learn about the latest advances in the medtech industry. In addition to more than 1,900 suppliers showcasing the latest solutions in contract manufacturing, manufacturing equipment, automation, R&D, medical device components, materials, plastics, and more, MD&M West hosts the largest three-day medtech conference in North America.

As a parts cleaning solutions supplier to the medtech industry, CTG is excited to be participating in this year’s event. Attendees who visit the Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Booth #1354  will learn about our products, technologies, and services. Among the new technologies exhibited will be:

The New Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Stainless Steel GMC Series Cleaning System

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