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Portrait photo of new CTG Regional Sales Manager, Rich Ruff

Rich Ruff has joined Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC as a Ransohoff Regional Sales Manager, effective February 2020.

“Rich comes to us with not only the ambition and drive that our growing organization desires but also the superb customer service skills that our customers demand" – Jeff Mills, VP of Sales.

Rich is an experienced Regional Sales Manager with a technical background, along with a very successful sales record in the industrial parts cleaning industry. Mr. Ruff will focus his efforts on expanding our current industrial and geographic market presence in the Southeast for the Ransohoff product line.

Please join us in welcoming Rich to the CTG family!

The process of recovering used diesel engine components and machining them to a condition that meets or surpasses OEM quality is called diesel engine remanufacturing, or as it is commonly known in the industry, diesel reman. Diesel engine remanufacturing does not repair or rebuild parts from a point of failure but rebuilds them from the core part to include engineering updates that meet new and improved standards.

Growing Demand for Remanufactured Parts

The automotive and diesel parts remanufacturing market is expected to see steady growth to the year 2026 according to market research firm Persistence Market Research. This anticipated growth in demand is due to the increasing need for cost-competitive remanufactured diesel engines, as well as expanding automotive fleets and increasing per capita spending power. According to the study, the global auto parts remanufacturing market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.1% during the forecast period.

Close up photo of an engine for an automible

Remanufactured diesel and automotive parts are manufactured to precision standards and tested to assure that they meet or exceed the required specifications. The entire process follows an established protocol and is fully documented.


Manufacturing processes have become more technologically driven as today’s systems and equipment have evolved to higher levels of sophistication. These advancements have meant less downtime and greater productivity with higher levels of precision and quality. The parts cleaning industry is keeping pace with this trend by offering cleaning equipment that provides enhanced features and sophisticated control technology.

This advancement in parts cleaning equipment can be seen in the newest generation of cleaning systems from Ransohoff and Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics divisions of Cleaning Technologies Group. CTG is a global supplier of the most innovative industrial and precision cleaning technologies available today. CTG is a leading manufacturer of aqueous based parts cleaning systems including: spray, immersion, and ultrasonics, in both standard and custom designs, as well as a complete line of recyclable aqueous chemistries and waste minimization technologies.

Ransohoff and Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics offer a wide range of technology-driven parts cleaning equipment. Examples include:

Ransohoff, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC, is proud to introduce an innovation in a spray and ultrasonic combination aqueous parts cleaning system. The new Rotosonic (Patent Pending) will clean heavily soiled parts in a single machine, rather than having to purchase a spray cabinet and an ultrasonic machine separately. This new machine gives the ultimate in flexibility, allowing utilization of a single process or both processes, depending on your needs. The machine has a compact design and eliminates the manpower needs as well as the safety risks of moving parts from washer to washer.

The new Rotosonic is the ideal parts cleaning machine for re-manufacturing of automotive, truck, aerospace parts and more. The machine has a payload of 300LBS and a load height of 39”. The ultrasonic tank offers 40KHZ frequency to help clean the hard to reach locations and blind holes. The Rotosonic has a small footprint of 55” deep x 50” wide x 86” high.

See more information on the new Rotosonic at

MD&M West logo

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, a world leader in providing cleaning and waste minimization technologies, will introduce a host of advanced cleaning solutions at the MD&M West 2020 in Anaheim, California February 11 - 13, 2020. Visitors to Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics (Booth #1259) will be introducing a number of new products, technologies and services.

Among the new technologies exhibited at the show will be:


CTG Aqaurius Enclosure

The Aquarius combines ultrasonic cleaning with rinsing, drying and other processing steps in a unitized cleaning console, which helps

Shot Week supplier showcase materials for manufacturers

Ransohoff, a recognized leader in cleaning technology, will introduce a host of advanced cleaning solutions at the Shot Show Showcase in Las Vegas, NV January 20 – 21st, 2020. Visitors to Ransohoff Booth #51814, will see the popular Drum Cleaning System with new features, along with many more cleaning solutions.

High Volume Continuous Cleaning: Cup and Cases, Primer Caps and Anvils

Utilizing both spray and immersion technology, our Ransohoff drum washers are the fast, highly effective continuous cleaning solution for cup and

We are now in the midst of this season of celebration, and all of us at CTG are taking time to reflect on this past year with gratitude and appreciation. We realize that we could not have enjoyed the successes we’ve had without our many loyal customers and business partners. This time of year seems like the ideal time to pause and express our heartfelt thanks.

Image of the Haptic Interface

A truly successful business is about so much more than the bottom line. Building trusted relationships and forging solid partnerships make all the difference. Not only do we appreciate the business our customers have given us, we truly appreciate the friendships and bonds we have developed with so many of you. There is an enormous sense of satisfaction we enjoy in knowing we are working with some of the most hard-working and respected businesses around to keep industry strong and thriving. While strengthening and growing business is important, those trusted working relationships are also very rewarding.

After a prosperous year of hard work and abundant rewards, we just want to let all of our customers and partners know how much we appreciate them. We wish all of you a joyous holiday season and look forward to continuing our relationships with you in the coming year.

Star Trek fans, and even those with only a passing familiarity with the enduring science fiction series, are aware of the many amazing gadgets and technologies featured on the show. Many of these devices have actually become reality since appearing fictionally in the 1970’s. Examples include communicators (cell phones), hypospray injections (jet injectors), tractor beams (optical tweezers), and phasers (stun guns). There are, in fact, enough of these marvels to comprise an entire book on the subject.

The next sci-fi “treknology” that seems to be coming to fruition is the holodeck. UK-based company, Ultrahaptics has created a way to provide haptic feedback for holographic imagery by using ultrasonic technology.

The Star Trek Holodeck Image of the Star Trek Hollodeck

Credit: Image Courtesy of

The holodeck concept, as depicted in popular sci-fi films and television shows, involves the simulation of objects and people by a combination of matter, beams, and fields onto which holographic images are projected. The simulations appear to be solid to the touch. The matter, described as "holomatter", usually disintegrates when the virtual-reality program ends.

The level of scrutiny given to manufactured parts has never been higher than it is today. Between the demands of lean manufacturing objectives and strict regulatory requirements, the parts you deliver must be absolutely free of defects, including contamination and debris.

Considering the importance of parts quality, it is a good idea for manufacturers who have not invested in parts cleaning to give that decision another look.

Manufacturers have a number of reasons for neglecting the area of parts cleaning, ranging from reluctance to invest in capital equipment to an unwillingness to disrupt current processes and procedures. Far too often, manufacturers do not realize that these simple objections are costing them a lot of money.

Here are four benefits of critical parts cleaning that all manufacturers should consider in order to promote cost savings and overall profitability:

CTG Clean Hospital Cleaning

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, a recognized leader in ultrasonic technology, will introduce a host of advanced cleaning solutions at the WITS 2019 in Wichita KS October 22 - 24, 2019. Visitors to Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Booth #543 will be introduced to several new products, technologies and services. Among the new technologies exhibited at the show will be:

AgiSonic® Ultrasonic Parts Washer: Constructed of all stainless steel, a robust ultrasonic cleaning machine designed for heavy duty parts washing with vertical parts agitation.

PROHT Sonic Tank: Ultrasonic cleaning tanks and housings are constructed of stainless steel with a Duplex Stainless transducer radiating surface to significantly extend transducer life.

GMC Series: Ultrasonic cleaning systems available in two sizes, the larger of which can accommodate parts with one dimension up to 35 inches and weighing up to 125 pounds.

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