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Mega JetWhen an industrial manufacturer considers ways to optimize efficiency they will consider many aspects of their operation, from component fabrication to quality control. One important area that should not be overlooked is the parts washing process. Parts washing may not get much consideration if the system in place is doing enough to get by. Unfortunately this approach ignores a great deal of potential waste in terms of efficiency.

Whether you shopping for a new industrial parts washer or considering the replacement of an existing parts cleaning system, here are six things you should be looking for to promote efficiency:

1. Parts washer effectively removes contaminants from parts

Your parts cleaning system should get the job done in one cycle. If your system is old or not well-suited to your application you may think what you have is as good as it gets. That is not true. There are many washer options available to suit a wide range of needs.

2. Parts washer system doesn’t cause degradation of part surfaces

Your washing process should only remove dirt and contaminants. A system or cleaning solution that is too harsh or abrasive may actually cause part damage. It is not necessary to sacrifice surface quality in order to obtain thorough cleaning. With the many cleaning options available, parts surface damage should never be acceptable.

3. Parts cleaning equipment investment and usage costs meet budget needs

Investing in Cleaning Equipment the Right Way

No matter what your industry, success in today's competitive market depends on increased productivity and efficiency. This means examining all phases of your operation, including parts cleaning. Is the wrong parts cleaning process costing your bottom line? It may be time to invest in new parts cleaning equipment - be sure to invest the right way.

Investing in new parts cleaning equipment begins with gaining a thorough understanding of your parts cleaning needs. It is highly beneficial to have an energy audit performed to see where your current parts washing system could be doing better. Can cycle time be improved or energy consumption be reduced? These are questions that will help you determine how you can improve your parts washing process and what parts cleaning systems will best meet your needs.

Today's industrial parts washing technology includes a broad variety of options, each suited to specific application needs. Options range from aqueous and solvent-based industrial parts washers to vapor degreasers. Pre-engineered systems and custom designs are available to suit a host of component types and industries.

CTG would like to congratulate all the employees from Ransohoff who celebrated a birthday in July and August!

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Six Questions to Consider in Choosing Parts Cleaning Equipment

Removing various undesirable materials from component parts is a common requirement for many manufacturing processes. An investment in parts cleaning equipment has the potential to pay for itself exponentially in terms of increased output, process efficiency, and product quality. In order to gain the most from your parts cleaning equipment investment, choosing the right system for your new product line is extremely important.

It is important to understand that no specific cleaning method works for every part.  There are many dependable parts cleaning options available. Answering the following six questions will help you determine which equipment will be the best choice for your process.

What type of parts do you need to clean? 

Your choice of cleaning equipment will depend upon whether the parts are a solid piece or made up of an assembly of components. The types of surfaces - rough, smooth, or textured - should also be considered.

What kind of material is the part made from?

The material or materials parts are made from should be considered.  Different types of detergents and parts washers are necessary for the proper cleaning metal, plastic, steel, stainless, cast iron, brass, copper, and other types of materials.

What is the size of the parts to be cleaned?

The Mega Jet Pressure Blast is an economical manual high-pressure spray washer for very large, heavy parts where floor space comes at a premium. The parts can be loaded with an overhead hoist crane on to a rotating table. The innovative solution delivery system has proven to be ideal for intricate details on machined parts.

The Mega Jet Pressure Blast is contained in a stainless-steel housing with the robust construction that Ransohoff is known for. It’s unique cleaning process provides high pressure spray impingement manipulated by hand to the various geometries of the parts. The Mega Jet Pressure Blast has a work envelope of 48” high and a 24” diameter. Some typical applications for this machine can include: large gears, large aviation components, large molds and large dunnage parts.

For more information about the Mega Jet Pressure Blast, visit the Mega Jet Pressure Blast product page.

July 2017 – Cincinnati, OH

Semicon West

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, is a recognized leader in ultrasonic technology, will introduce a host of advanced cleaning solutions at the Semicon West 2017 in San Francisco, California July 11 - 13, 2017.  Visitors to Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Booth 5734 will be introduced to a number of new products, technologies and services. Among the new technologies exhibited at the show will be:

CTG would like to congratulate all the employees from Ransohoff and Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics who celebrated a birthday in June!

CTG Clean Celebrating June 2017 Birthdays

CTG Clean Celbrating June Birthdays

June 9, 2017 – Cincinnati, OH

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, a world leader in providing cleaning and waste minimization technologies, will introduce a host of advanced cleaning solutions at the NASF Sur/Fin in Atlanta, Georgia June 19 - 21, 2017. Visitors to Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Booth #722 will be introducing several new products, technologies and services. Among the new technologies exhibited at the show will be:

AgiSonic® Ultrasonic Parts Washer Cleaning System (also known as the “WashMaster & GMC Series Plus™”) is robust line of ultrasonic cleaning systems designed for heavy duty parts washing with vertical parts agitation and up to 21 watts per gallon/5.4 watts per liter of 40 kHz ultrasonics.

The AgiSonic parts washer is so versatile; it can be found operating in the harshest industrial environment and in the most demanding medical clean rooms.

EastecCleaning Technologies Group, a world leader in providing cleaning and waste minimization technologies, will introduce a host of advanced cleaning solutions at the Eastec 2017 in West Springfield, MA May 16 - 18, 2017. Visitors to Cleaning Technologies Group Booth #3328 will be introduced to several new products, technologies and services. Among the new technologies exhibited at the show will be:


Lean-Jet RB-1

New Lean-Jet® RB-1

The new Lean-Jet® RB-1 Gen 4 Cleaning System is the next advancement in immersion cleaning that uses a patented washing and rinsing process with a combination of spray/immersion, ultrasonics, rotate/rock and heated blow-off drying. This new design allows for a 10% increase in production with unlimited flexibility and increased bath life. The modular design of the new RB-1 allows an additional rinse stage to be easily added to the machine.

Blasckstone-NEY Ultrasonics and Safety-Kleen have teamed up with Graveyard Carz by providing them with a GMC Series GMC 3523 to assist them with their parts cleaning requirements.  Click on the video link to see more.

The GMC 3523 automated ultrasonic cleaning system features a self-contained cleaning tank designed to simply, safely, and consistently clean a wide variety of parts requiring ultrasonic cleaning. This method of cleaning provides superior results while also providing significant savings in time and resources.

The internal tank working dimensional measure 35” wide, by 20” front to back, and it has a nominal working depth of over 10”. This makes the system suitable from everything from a small handful of components to larger assemblies, and useful for businesses ranging from small shops to large facilities.

Functions and features of the GMC 3523 system include:

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