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Unlike typical conveyor washers, our LeanVeyor parts washer has been developed to be the most energy efficient, conveyor cleaning system available today.CTG will be exhibiting many innovative cleaning systems at the...Read more

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Robosonic Robotic Precision Cleaning Cell to be Introduced at IMTSBlackstone-NEY Ultrasonics is excited to debut the newest of our many innovative cleaning technologies at the upcoming...Read more

CTG will be exhibiting a variety of innovative cleaning technologies at the upcoming IMTS conference to be held in Chicago, Illinois. The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), happening at McCormick Place, September 10 – 15th, is the premier manufacturing technology show in North America, bringing together buyers and sellers from 117 countries.

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Among the many innovative cleaning technologies CTG will be exhibiting at the upcoming IMTS conference will be our LeanJet® RB-2 Automated Immersion Cleaning System and our LeanJet® Cell-Jet.

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Ransohoff has been selected as a winner in Cincy Magazine’s 12th annual Manny Awards in the “Best Apprenticeship Program” category.  The apprenticeship program at Ransohoff includes both engineering and manufacturing co-ops.  Our program is 25+ years old and has been...Read more


Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Introduces the Stainless-Steel GMC Series Ultrasonic Cleaning System.

May 2018 – Jamestown, NY


Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, LLC, is proud to introduce an innovation in cellular aqueous parts cleaning, offering a Stainless-Steel GMC Ultrasonic Cleaning System. The Stainless-Steel GMC is an optional package to achieve chemical...Read more

CTG would like to congratulate all the employees from Ransohoff who celebrated a birthday in January and February!

January Birthdays

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CTG would like to congratulate all the employees from Ransohoff who celebrated a birthday in September and October!


September 2017 Birthdays at CTG Clean


October 2017 Birthdays at CTG CleanRead more

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonic exhibited the GMC 3523 at the SEMA show in the Safety-Kleen Booth.  Some of the celebrities that were in the booth included Graveyard Carz and Richard Petty.  Stop by the booth and see who shows up next!

Graveyard Cars and Richard Pretty at SEMA showGraveyard Cars and Richard Pretty at SEMA showRead more

Blasckstone-NEY Ultrasonics and Safety-Kleen have teamed up with Graveyard Carz by providing them with a GMC Series GMC 3523 to assist them with their parts cleaning requirements.  Click on the video link to see more.

The GMC 3523 automated...Read more

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