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Cleaning Recovery and Waste Use Minimization

Ransohoff offers the following technologies designed to significantly extend cleaning solution life and greatly minimize solution haul-away and maintenance expense while ensuring optimal performance in part cleanliness quality and consistency.

Oil Water Gravity Separators

Most oil-water gravity separators, also known as oil skimmers, are devices used to remove oils and greases from industrial waste streams by means solely of the buoyancy forces exerted on the oil droplets due to the difference in specific gravity between the oil and the carrying water. Unlike our competitors, Ransohoff offers the Pro-sep , an advanced technology oil control system, not just another method of surface oil skimming.

Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems

Oil-water emulsions are typically encountered in cleaning systems where synthetic and semi-synthetic coolants and lubricants are combined with detergents, or where fatty acids are cleaned with alkaline solutions. These emulsions will not separate by gravity easily as the droplet size is too small for buoyancy forces to act on the oil. Thus, ultrafiltration, a separation process that selectively restricts the passage of oil droplets as small as 0.05 microns (1/20th of a millionth of a meter) on a hydrophilic membrane, comes into play.

Ransohoff offers two types of ultrafiltration systems depending on your specific needs:

  • Point of use (WasteWizard® product line)
  • Central systems

Hybrid Gravity-Ultrafiltration Systems

Enjoy the benefits of our patent pending Pro-sep Ultra, a hybrid system that combines gravity separation to maximize the recovery of easily separable, water free oil from your cleaning solution, while further separating the difficult to remove emulsified oil fractions from the water bath through ultrafiltration membranes.

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