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Ultrafiltration Membrane Systems

Point of use (WasteWizard® product line)

Ransohoff's WasteWizard® ultrafiltration system is a compact, fully-integrated system for point-of-use recycling. The system comes complete with its own fluid transfer arrangement that automatically exchanges the dirty cleaner from the washer with recycled cleaner.

The WasteWizard® system will improve cleaning quality and consistency that typically go off-spec as oil and contaminants build up in the solution tank.

When used in conjunction with Evercycle™ line of chemistries, the WasteWizard® system has the ability to fully recycle the cleaning chemistry saving thousands of dollars in chemical usage, energy, labor, waste processing and hauling. Further, the unique properties of the Evercycle™ line of cleaners provide a protective coating to the membrane surface further enhancing its anti-fouling characteristics.

It requires minimal operator attention as it comes with automatic cleaning cycles via programmed permeate shut off.


  • Holding tank: 55 gallon (200 L) drums or optional 100 gallon (380 L) tanks.
  • Membrane unit: 1 (4 GPH permeate) to 5 (20 GPH permeate) membrane stacks.

Central systems

Ransohoff's Environmental Systems Group offers exclusively a cross-flow ultrafiltration technology which employs the patented Scepter® membrane which offers superior durability and excellent separation performance.

Scepter® accommodates a wide variety of waste streams, including highly oil loaded and hostile fluids, over a broad range of chemical conditions, pressures and temperatures.

Our systems feature a rugged stainless steel construction, with sintered stainless steel tube coated with a permanent titanium dioxide membrane.

The systems require minimal maintenance, and the membranes have a life expectancy of up to 10 years.


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