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Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics

Blackstone-NEY Facility

The name Blackstone has been associated with cleaning since the year 1857 when William A. Blackstone built the first mechanized, hand-powered clothes washing device consisting of a wooden tub with a washboard interior and a milking stool agitator.  In 1958, the Blackstone Corporation purchased Murdock Laboratories, a small company researching ultrasonic cleaning, and attempted to use ultrasonic technology to enhance the already high quality Blackstone line of home and commercial laundry equipment. Although ultrasonic technology did not revolutionize the laundry industry, Blackstone continued development of ultrasonic equipment and techniques for use in industrial, medical and other applications. Blackstone’s credits include the development and patenting of the first rugged, highly efficient piezoelectric transducers; ultrasonic devices for use in urology and cardiology; the first large scale ultrasonic solder pot; and auto-tuned, solid state ultrasonic generators.

Blackstone Ultrasonics joined with NEY Ultrasonics to form Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics in 1988.  The company is located in Jamestown, New York and continues to be a recognized leader in ultrasonic technology. Starting with the introduction of sweeping frequency in 1988, there has been a continuous stream of development and patents covering new ultrasonic generator and transducer technology. A broad spectrum of ultrasonic technology is available to meet the specific needs of a growing list of applications.

Blackstone~NEY Ultrasonics is responsible for many of the innovations in ultrasonic cleaning technology throughout the years. Some of these include:

  • Sweeping frequency provides a reliably uniform ultrasonic field
  • effectively reduces resonant damage to parts
  • Power up-sweep helps clear process tanks of particulates and minimizes re-deposition of contaminants
  • Multiple-frequency generators and Universal Transducers provide multiple frequencies in a single process tank to provide better cleaning with extended flexibility and process control
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