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LeanVeyor Conveyor Washer

While typical conveyor washers are thought to be very inefficient, our LeanVeyor® parts washer is designed to be the most energy efficient, conveyor cleaning system on the market today.

Engineered for lean manufacturing, the LeanVeyor reduces floor space requirements while providing exceptional cleaning and drying performance. We used a common sense approach to component choice and placement for quick and efficient access and servicing. All stages are insulated and compartmentalized with individually adjustable exhaust dampers, reducing system heat loss.

The entire unit has been engineered and manufactured from the ground up to be flexible, durable, simple to use and easy to maintain.


Design Specs

Cleaning Sequence:Wash & Dry (Multiple Rinse Stages Available)
Process Type:Continuous
Production:High Volume
Part Orientation:Directly on Flatwire Belt or Fixtured on Dual Strands of Chain
Max Work Envelope:Up to 36” Wide x 12” High
Method of Loading / Unloading:Manual or Automatic
Footprint:Starts @ 7’ Long x 5’ Wide x 4’-6” High (with 12” wide belt)
Cleaning Mechanisms:Spray (Optional Ultrasonics)
Drying Mechanisms:High Velocity Air
Controls:Relay Logic (Optional PLC / HMI)
Typical Applications:
  • Machined Components
  • Dunnage
  • Strip Steel

Optional Equipment

  • Robot Load and/or Unload
  • Custom Part Holding Fixtures
  • Enhanced Exhaust System
  • Enhanced Solution Filtration
  • Additional Recirculation Stage(s)
  • Programmable Controller and HMI
  • Cool-Down Stage

    Case Studies

    Gears Pre Laser
    Pinion Gear
    Fuel Injectors
    Engine Dampener Component


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