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High Pressure Deburr Machines

Ransohoff industrial parts washers can use water pressures up to 10,000 PSI to remove burrs, chips, and flashing from a variety of materials. Liquid tooling energy is delivered to the part surface via fixed nozzles, rotating dual and multi-nozzle spray heads or by probing. Castings, parts with intricate machined details, lodged chips or challenging contaminant, etc. all benefit from high pressure water application. This technology removes chips and burrs without damaging parts, maintains your critical machining tolerances, and does not leave residue on the part.

Ransohoff is a recognized leader in the production of small to large-scale high pressure wash and deburring systems. Utilizing our industry-recognized Technology Center customers repeatedly acknowledge our level of experience and professionalism when concepting, designing and qualifying the automated water-tooled systems we build.

High pressure wash and deburring systems can be made to order in either a cellular batch style or an inline machine depending on your application. We encourage our customers to visit our facility to participate in their project's design and development first hand. Please call us today to learn how to make liquid tooling work for you.

How to determine if your burr can be removed using high pressure water:

Lead Pencil Test

  • Extend a 0.5mm mechanical lead pencil so that 1/8” lead is showing
  • If you can break off the burr with the pencil without breaking the lead then high pressure water can remove your burr.


  • Valve Bodies- burrs generated from cross drilling
  • Connecting Rods- rough edges created from “cracking” process
  • Front Engine Covers- burrs generated from face milling
  • Perforated Strip Steel- burrs generated from punching


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