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Megasonic Generators

multiMEG® Generator

  • 430 kHz conventional micro streaming
  • 430 kHz dualSWEEP® caviation
  • 1.3 MHz conventional micro streaming
  • 1.3 MHz dualSWEEP® caviation

The megasonic generator offered by Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics is rated at a total capacity of 1800 Watts output (sweeping and non-sweeping) and is built into a package conveniently designed for mounting in a 19" 2U rack. The generator is comprised of two internal modules each producing up to 900 watts of continuous wave output. Each module provides independent impedance and frequency compensation to optimize performance of its segment of the overall attached transducer array.




Center Frequencies:430 kHz or 1.3 MHz (sweeping or non-sweeping).  Other frequencies available.
Input voltage:190 - 250Volt 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz
AC input power (W):2 x 1,200 watts (max) 1,800 watts maximum
Efficiency line to load:Maximum 85%
Output power:2 x 900 Watts
Power Control:10 to 100% of full power rating
RF power regulation mode:0-5 volts (DC)
Regulation (% of set point):40 watts or 5.0% of full rated power, whichever is greater
Over-temperature protection:yes
Over-current protection:yes
RF power limit:yes
Mounting:19.0" rack mounting or table top (2U format)
Weight:20 lbs/9.1kg
Dimensions:19.0" LR x 23.0" FB x 3.5" high/483mm x 584mm x 89mm
Meets FCC rules and regulations, part 18
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