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Used Equipment Buy-Back

Buying, Selling and Optimizing Used Ransohoff Parts Cleaning Systems

Ready to upgrade or add capacity to your Ransohoff parts cleaning equipment? Or perhaps your older and/or outdated systems are no longer fully contributing to your parts cleaning operations. In either case, selling these older/outdated, surplus or idle systems back to us can be a great way to ‘monetize’ these under-performing assets – and, if desirable, buying them back as completely refurbished systems delivering like-new performance but at a significant savings vs. the cost of new equipment.
The process is fast, simple, and pain-free:



  1. We’ll conduct an evaluation of your equipment and, depending on the make, model and condition, quote a buy-back price.

  2. Depending on the make, model and condition, we’ll completely refurbish the equipment in preparation for sale – either back to you or to the marketplace. This refurbishment would typically include:

    • Rusted or corroded tank and drum rebuild or replacement

    • Electrical, piping and mechanical repairs

    • Customer-specific re-tooling for new parts production requirements and process improvements.

  3. We’ll quote you a selling price for this like-new equipment – a system that now can deliver impressive performance improvements and potentially make a significant reduction in your newequipment investment.

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