As one of our standard drum washers, the LeanDrum platform provides a low cost, energy efficient, reliable solution for your high volume cleaning application.

The LeanDrum uses heavy gauge construction, premium components and the latest in spray system and dryer technology, to produce consistently high quality cleaning results over an extended machine life.


Design Specs

Cleaning Sequence:Wash & Dry (Multiple Rinses Available)
Process Type:Continuous
Production:Up to 4 Cubic Feet Per Hour
Part Orientation:Random
Max Part Size:3” Cube
Method of Loading / Unloading:Manual or Automatic
Footprint:6’ Long x 4’ Wide x 5’-4” High
Cleaning Mechanisms:Spray / Immersion
Drying Mechanisms:High Volume Heated Air
Controls:Relay Logic / Push Buttons and Pilot Lights
Typical Applications:
  • Screw Machine Components
  • Fasteners
  • Ammunition

Optional Equipment

  • Specialty Drum Material
  • Enhanced Exhaust System
  • Enhanced Solution Filtration
  • Additional Recirculation Stage(s)
  • Programmable Controller and HMI

Case Studies

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