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Electronic Component Cleaning

Media & Semiconductor Parts Cleaning

Through our Ransohoff and Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics divisions, Cleaning Technologies Group (CTG) offers cleaning solutions that are well suited to meeting the requirements of Semiconductor and Electronics components cleaning.

We offer a range of solutions for the cleaning of delicate substrates and electronic assemblies including high-frequency ultrasonics, megasonics and spray-based flux cleaning. Our component cleaning solutions assure manufacturers of the highest quality results to meet the toughest challenges and most rigorous standards.

CTG Semiconductor and Electronic Parts Cleaning Advantages

  • Standard systems can be configured to include a combination of immersion, spray, ultrasonic, and flush
  • Custom systems specifically designed for tough applications include Hi-Pressure, immersion, and ultrasonics
  • Size appropriate options for reducing cost and improving throughput
  • In-house lab for evaluating material capability and cleanliness
  • Ability to identify and develop the most effective parts cleaning solutions

Flux Cleaning Applications

  • Spray-based cleaning for no-clean fluxes (water only)
  • Spray-based cleaning for fluxes requiring a chemical pre-wash
  • Stand-alone washing systems for solder contaminant isolation
  • Immersion ultrasonic cleaning in aqueous and semi-aqueous solvents for organic flux cleaning

Wafer Cleaning and Processing

  • Cleaning in De-ionized Water and Caustic Solutions
  • Chemical Etching
  • Metal Lift-Off

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics Proven Success

An example of successful parts cleaning installation in this market involved solar glass panels. Fingerprints, glove smears, edge grinding dust, and silicates are some of the contaminants that needed to be addressed. The Aquarius AQ-6-1054 was selected to provide a sequence of ultrasonic immersion wash, spray, ultrasonic immersion rinse, capillary dry, and HEPA air dry. System features include servo driven hoist, controlled environment, actuating spray rinse, multi-frequency ultrasonics, capillary dry, HEPA dryer, and data trending. For more details on this application, download the case study below.

In another example, Blackstone-NEY’s Robosonic® platform has been successfully used in the cleaning of flux residues for precision final clean of PCBA for defense applications. A 6-axis robot is employed to move product through an ultrasonic semi-aqueous solvent bath, two cascading ultrasonic rinses and a final hot-air drying step. The robot provides articulated movements to assist in draining the parts between stations, contributing to reduced drag-out and faster drying.


  • Solar Wafer Cleaning
  • Wafer Etching
  • Wafer Carrier & Cassette
  • Pre-diffusion Cleaning
  • Wafer Stripping
  • MEM's
  • SOI
  • Glass Etching
  • Quartz Etching
  • Solar Roughing
  • Rinsing
  • Solar Glass (Download Case Study)
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