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Mini Parts Washer

The Mini Parts Washer is a compact inclined conveyorized cleaning system, designed for small parts, with continuous production, and specifically targeted for point of manufacture cleaning. Ideal for cleaning small parts such as screw machine products, stampings, and bearings. 

Mini Parts Washer represents a cleaning breakthrough for manufacturers of small parts. This compact conveyorized system is for continuous, one-at-a-time, parts cleaning at the point of manufacture. This Mini Parts Washer was designed by Stoeltng and manufactured by Ransohoff.


Design Specs

Cleaning Sequence:Wash
Process Type:Automated conveyor
Production:1-9 ft./min
Belt Size6" to 12" Belt
Method of Loading / Unloading:Fully Automatic
Footprint:9 Sqft
Cleaning Mechanisms:Spray
Drying Mechanisms:Optional Heated Blowoff
Typical Applications:
  • Fasteners
  • Stamping Parts
  • Bearings
  • Small Parts

Optional Equipment

  • Heated Blowoff
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