The Atlantis® Series of ultrasonic cleaning tanks is designed for much larger applications where tank sizes start at 200-gallon capacities and can be built to any customer specification. Equipped with stainless steel immersion heaters and ultrasonic immersibles, these tanks can be provided with a broad range of options to meet your cleaning expectations.

Atlantis® large purpose-built ultrasonic cleaning tanks are commonly combined into a complete cleaning system with automatic material handling for many applications and are available with any combination of wash, rinse, and dry stages.

Typical Applications:

  • Automotive Components
  • Aerospace Components
  • Industrial Machined Components
  • Plating

Standard Features

Cleaning Sequence:Wash & Dry (Multiple Wash, Rinse, Etch, Passivation, Stripping and Dry Stages Available)
Process Type:Batch
Part Orientation:Standard or Custom Processing Baskets
Production:Low to High Volume
Max Work Envelope:Up to 120” Wide x 120” Deep x 120” High
Method of Loading / Unloading:Manual or Automatic
Footprint:Determined by tank size
Cleaning Mechanisms:Immersion / Ultrasonics / Spray / Turbulation / Rotation / Agitation
Drying Mechanisms:High Volume, Heated Air
Controls:Programmable Controller & HMI Touch screen
Ultrasonic Frequency40kHz (3 or 7 frequency systems optional)

Optional Equipment

  • multiSONIK Multi-Frequency Ultrasonics-3 or 7 Frequency
  • In-Tank Agitation
  • Solution Sensors-Conductivity / PH / Specific Gravity
  • Chemical Injection
  • Environmental Enclosure
  • HEPA Air Filtration
  • Tank Ventilation Systems
  • Auto Tank Lid
  • Robotic Transfer Hoist


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