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Ultrasonic Components

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics unique technology is available in component form for use in refitting existing equipment or incorporation into equipment produced by OEM machine builders. Blackstone-NEY can supply standard or engineered to size immersible transducers or transducer plates that can be incorporated into tanks using bolted/gasketed or weld-in options.  Transducer elements can also be bonded directly to custom tanks fabricated by Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics or by others.  All transducers are specifically designed to be powered by Blackstone-NEY ultrasonic generators with matching generators available in specific single frequencies ranging from 25 kHz to 270 kHz.  Multiple frequency multiSONIK® configurations providing up to 7 frequencies using a single generator and transducer configuration are also available.  The experienced Blackstone-NEY engineering team is available to discuss the best way to apply unique ultrasonic technology to any cleaning or process application.

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