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Ransohoff standard line of Cell-U-Clean cabinet washers are high-capacity spray systems that are available in work envelopes ranging from 6” to 36”. The Cell-U-Clean line was developed with a small footprint in mind along with a single point load and unload to accommodate cell manufacturing. All products in the Cell-U-Clean line are constructed of Stainless Steel and standard off the shelf components to ensure a long life and ease of maintenance. With little engineering required to fit your application, our platform-based cabinet type parts washers are extremely cost competitive.

When you compare our Cell-U-Clean products feature for feature to those of the competition you will find that based on our design, component selection and reputation for durability Ransohoff is the leader in cabinet washer technology.

Contact us today to schedule performance testing of your parts in one of our Cell-U-Clean parts washers located in our Technology Center.

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