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TREK aqueous electronics assembly cleaning systems for chemistry applications. Polypropylene constructed with various belt sizes available. Uni-pass conveyor reduces tank contamination. Chemical isolation section to conserve chemistry and reduce cross contamination. LIQUID LOCK reduces consumption of cleaning solution and power for energy and cost savings. The Trek Triton MIL is manufactured by Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics.


Standard Features

  • 4", 18", and 24" belt widths as standard
  • “Uni-pass” conveyor - reduces tank contamination by returning conveyor beneath process section
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Redundant over-temp and liquid low level safety protection
  • Digital temperature control for recirculating tank heat
  • Slotted, easy draining stainless steel conveyor rail
  • Removable tank screens
  • Adjustable spray pressures inline aqueous electronics assembly cleaning system for chemistry applications
  • Stainless steel recirculating plumbing
  • Chemical isolation section to conserve chemistry and reduce cross contamination
  • Optional stainless steel, high-temp dryer module
  • Utility sink (optional stencil sink)
  • Full tool-less access for ease of routine maintenance
  • Optional water treatment system for closed loop rinse operation (on-board or remote)
  • Optional CE, UL certification
Cleaning Sequence:Wash, Rinse & Dry
Process Type:Conveyor
Belt Widths:14", 18" and 24"
Method of Loading / Unloading:Manual or Automatic
Cleaning Mechanisms:Spray
Drying Mechanisms:Optional Heated Blowoff
Typical Applications:Electrical Parts, Circuit Boards
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