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Plating & Surface Finishing: Parts Cleaning

Treated and processed surfaces

Industrial metal finishing plays an important role in the effectiveness of components used for automotive, electronics, telecommunications, appliances, aerospace, and more. Metal finishing can be added to component surfaces to imbue corrosion-resistance, strength, or other attributes needed for the application.

Proper cleaning and rinsing are important to ensure the best results in plating and surface treatment processes such as:

  • Electroplating
  • Anodizing
  • Pickling
  • Passivation
  • Etching
  • Stripping

How Ultrasonics Improves Surface Treatment Processes

In order to achieve the best results in the application of surface treatments, a substrate must be completely clean and free from any contaminants. Thorough surface cleaning is necessary to avoid failure of the metal finish and to guarantee product uniformity. There are a variety of cleaning techniques available to ensure part surfaces are absolutely clean. Ultrasonic cleaning has proven very effective for this task.

Stainless steel sink

Not only is ultrasonic cleaning cost-effective, but it has the ability to thoroughly clean the complete wetted surface area, including blind holes and crevices, with minimal labor needed. Ultrasonic cleaning uses the power of high-frequency sound for thorough and efficient removal of contaminants. Cavitation gives the power to ultrasonic cleaning to blast dirt from surfaces. It has the added benefit of reaching every wetted surface of the object to be cleaned, including intricate crevices.

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics for Surface Treatment Applications

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics has developed ultrasonic cleaning technologies utilizing multiple frequency ultrasonic generators and advanced waveform ultrasonic generators. Our most demanding OEM customers have found these cutting-edge ultrasonic cleaning technologies to be highly effective for removing sub-micron particles before surface treatment applications.

Featured Technologies

Immersible Transducers (Submersible)

Immersible Transducers (Submersible)

Immersible transducers are ultrasonic transducer elements sealed in a liquid-tight housing, offering an alternative to transducer elements that are permanently bonded to the side or bottom of a cleaning tank. Immersible ultrasonic transducers provide the advantage of being easy to service and easily added to existing equipment, in many cases without extensive tank modifications.

Our immersible transducers are designed to withstand the abuse in heavy industrial environments. Standard units are constructed of heavy gauge 316L stainless steel with other materials available for use in challenging process applications.

All of Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics unique technology is available in the immersible transducer format, including standard individual frequencies from 25 kHz to 270 kHz as well as multiple frequencies in a single or multiple units.

multiSONIK® Generators

multiSONIK® Generators

Multiple frequency ultrasonic MultiSONIK® generators are advanced, digital ultrasonic generators that provide the ability to select and program single or multiple frequencies in a single process tank.

This new, advanced technology re-facilitates sub-micron particle removal in the critical cleaning of microelectronics, flat panel displays, disk drive components and assemblies, optics, semiconductors, medical devices and more. The multiSONIK technology allows for the exposure of components to a selectable or continually changing array of application-specific ultrasonic cleaning frequencies from a single generator to optimize precision cleaning.

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