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Cell-U-Clean Mini Jet

The Mini Jet a member of our Cell-U-Clean line of parts washers, is an excellent cabinet washer for both small and large parts up to 500 Lbs. where floor space comes at a premium. This spray washer was designed as a high-capacity solution with low energy as an alternative to our heavy duty cabinet washer product line. The rotary hide away door eliminates the extra floor space required for the door swing while ensuring a dry floor when loading and unloading.


Design Specs

Cleaning Sequence:Wash and Blowoff (Optional)
Process Type:Batch
Production:60 Seconds Cycle
Part Orientation:Directly on Rotary Table or in Fixture (Optional)
Max Work Envelope:36” Diameter x 36” High
Method of Loading / Unloading:Manual or Automatic via Robot (PLC and HMI required)
Footprint:8’ Length x 5’ Wide x 7’ 6” High
Cleaning Mechanisms:Spray
Drying Mechanisms:Compressed Air Jets (Optional High Velocity Dryer)
Controls:Relay Logic with Timer or optional PLC and HMI (required for automation)

Typical Applications:

  • Large Aviation Components
  • Large Gears
  • Large Dunnage
  • Point of Use Cleaning

Optional Equipment:

  • Pro-Sep Oil Recovery Unit
  • High Pressure Blow-off Stage
  • Blowoff Heater
  • PLC & HMI
  • Custom Part Fixtures
  • Auto-Actuated Door
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