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Custom Parts Washers

All of our standard platform washers can be customized to handle any size part and integrate with any layout. Additionally we have the Engineering expertise to provide fully custom design cleaning solutions should one of our platform machines not suit your requirements.

Custom Washer Examples:

  • Plastic Dunnage- Belt Conveyor
  • Diesel Fuel Lines- Custom Cabinet
  • Shredded Metal Recycling- Drum Washer
  • Stamped Stainless Sinks- Monorail Conveyor
  • Power Generator & Locomotive Engine Blocks - Custom ImmersoJet
  • Heat Exchangers- Custom Conveyor
  • Off-Road Vehicle Engine Blocks - High Pressure Deburr System
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Case Studies

Dump Truck Cylinders
Diesel Head
Hydraulic Valve Bodies
Locomotive Engine Block
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