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Optics / Flat Panel / Laser Parts Cleaning

Optics / Flat Panel / Laser Parts Cleaning

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics offers effective cleaning solutions that are designed to meet the challenges of optics, flat panel, and laser parts cleaning. Applications we serve include glass and quartz etching, rinsing, LCD display grade glass, prisms, polycarbonate and ophthalmic lens, laser and fiber optics, aluminum device housings, and more.

Ensuring that sensitive components used in laser and optic applications are clean is essential to assure systems perform at optimum levels. If smoke, resin, or other contaminants are allowed to accumulate, they will reduce the available power and may cause equipment damage. Dirty optics can also greatly reduce the engraving and cutting quality so component cleanliness is critical.

Featured Technologies


Blackstone-NEY CleanVeyor Ultrasonic parts washers are a great choice for optics cleaning applications. A combination of spray, immersion, and ultrasonic cleaning technologies assures thorough, but effective cleaning of sensitive parts. For added efficiency advantages, the system has been successful in achieving Six Sigma consistency when high production outputs and tight cleanliness levels are required. This system is ideal for complex parts with geometries that require final cleaning before assembly. Since this system is modular, more stages can be added as needed.


Aquarius™ Series Multi-tank Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems provide thorough cleaning needs that is consistent with the cleaning necessary for high-tech component applications. The Aquarius packages ultrasonic cleaning with rinsing, drying, and other processing steps in a unitized cleaning console to promote process integrity. Automated robotic transfer, environmental enclosure, and DI water systems optimizes cleanliness levels, assures process consistency, and significantly reduces the labor required for parts cleaning.


Sensitive applications benefit from Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics multi-frequency (sweeping or non-sweeping) megasonic systems. The multiMEG's four mode operation delivers exceptional yields in a single process tank:

  • 430 kHz conventional streaming megasonics / 430 kHz dualSWEEP® megasonics
  • 1.3 MHz conventional streaming megasonics / 1.3 MHz dualSWEEP® megasonics

Combine our multiMEG Generator technology with advanced plate arrays or submersible designs to achieve higher particle removal.


When powerful cleaning is needed for small precision parts on a low to medium production basis, the ProHT is an excellent choice. The all stainless steel ProHT Series is a line of ultrasonic cleaning systems, available in various sizes and intended to sit on or dropped in a workbench.


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