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Heavy Duty Truck and Off-Road Vehicle Parts Cleaning

Heavy Duty Truck

Cleaning Technologies Group (CTG) offers effective cleaning solutions that are designed to meet the rigorous demands of heavy duty truck and off-road parts cleaning. Our range of system capabilities extends from heavy soil removal applications to precision particle cleaning of system components. We design and manufacture system solutions that allow our customers to meet ISO 16232 and VDA 19.1 driven technical cleanliness specifications.

Ransohoff Solutions for Truck Parts Cleaning Challenges

Ransohoff cleaning systems offer dependable performance for cleaning a wide range of heavy duty truck and off-road vehicle parts. Engineered for lean manufacturing, the energy efficient LeanVeyor Conveyor Washer reduces floor space requirements while providing exceptional cleaning and drying performance. This conveyor washer has the added advantage of being designed for quick access for servicing to reduce downtime.

Ransohoff has two LeanJet® rotary basket washer systems, which are highly effective for washing heavy duty truck and off-road vehicle components:

The LeanJet RB-2 Automated Immersion Cleaning System as an integrated Siemens S7-1200 programmable controller and operator interface screen to provide the ultimate in system flexibility in automation integration. The platform features process control and data logging while also offering an intuitive user interface. Ransohoff LeanJet products are available with customer specific basket designs to accommodate larger parts.

The LeanJet RB-FLEX+ immersion cleaning system processes up to twelve (12) baskets of parts per cycle, up to 72 baskets per hour. This system cleans using our washing and rinsing process of agitation, spray impingement, hydraulic purging through immersion and rotation, and heated blow-off drying. Our "triple action" batch cleaning process was developed specifically to process a broad range of challenging parts and is designed to be equipped with ultrasonics if needed.

The largest member of our LeanJet line of cellular parts washers, MegaJet, is an excellent cabinet washer for very large, heavy parts where floor space is limited. This spray washer was designed as a low cost, low energy usage heavy duty parts washing option.

Blackstone-Ney Ultrasonic Truck Parts Cleaning Systems

The Blackstone-NEY AgiSonic® ultrasonic cleaning system with vertical parts agitation is effective for heavy duty truck and off-road vehicle components. The system is offered in three standard sizes, each with an integrated air powered agitation platform that facilitates loading, unloading, and agitates parts with a 6" stroke up to 15 times per minute.

The all stainless-steel AgiSonic® is a popular choice for the remanufacturing market. This ultrasonic cleaning machine has been designed for heavy duty parts washing with vertical parts agitation. Available in three standard sizes, each system incorporates an air powered agitation platform that facilitates loading, unloading, and parts agitating. AgiSonic parts washers can operate in the harshest industrial environments or in precision cleaning applications.

Available from stock in two standard sizes, GMC ultrasonic cleaning systems, both units are entirely self-contained, are supported on casters and operate from commonly available power supplies making them easy to move where needed. The larger unit can accommodate parts with one dimension up to 35 inches and weighing up to 125 pounds.

Heavy Duty Truck Parts Cleaning Applications:


Off-Road Vehicle Parts Cleaning Applications:

Robotic Automated Parts Washing

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